Predecessor Report IV
Predecessor Report IV

Predecessor Report IV


Greetings Champions!

It's time for another Predecessor Report - your routine round up of all things Predecessor!

Before we start we’d like to apologise for not getting this blog out sooner. We were delaying to ensure we could share the latest news on our upcoming PlayStation release, as it’s important to us that we’re not misleading or miscommunicating information. We understand though that in doing so we’ve built up a large amount of anticipation and frustration, and we endeavor to commit to more timely information updates in the future.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

PlayStation Release

The last few weeks.

As you know our console release has been our top priority for a while now, as we’re eager to get Predecessor into the hands of our loyal and patient console fanbase.

To be completely honest with you, last week we were hoping to deliver good news, with intentions of confirming a very close console release date. We were originally aiming to release Predecessor on PlayStation in early November.

Unfortunately our confidence in that date slipped last minute due to unexpected issues that we’ve had to address. The PlayStation submissions process is incredibly robust, which is excellent as it aligns with our vision to deliver a quality MOBA experience on the platform, but it can also lead to circumstances outside of our control.

So let's talk about that.

Failing a PlayStation submission is a remarkably easy thing to do - nearly all games, when they are first submitted to PlayStation for review, fail. We’ve been no exception, and have had a fair amount of back and forth with Sony to ensure that Predecessor is working exactly as we expect it to on the platform.

Our relationship with Sony is the strongest it's ever been. The PlayStation team have been working incredibly closely with us to resolve the blockers as they've arisen and as such our console builds are all but finalised.

Where we’re going.

In the interest of transparency, there’s every possibility that we will not make good on our promise to deliver Predecessor to PlayStation fans in Early Season 3.

If all goes well, we are currently now targeting December as our PlayStation launch month. Ideally (and if possible), sooner. Potentially, later.

We are telling you this because we believe in transparency and the value of honesty communication. We are grateful for your continued patience and are keen to reward it in the coming weeks and months.

We hope to soon confirm a new release date. Once that's locked in we'll be back with another update.

Until then, work continues to ensure that we can hit consoles quickly and more importantly, well. They say you only get one first impression, and we're committed to doing console right.

Getting PlayStation right.

With that goal in mind, when we do launch on PlayStation, we will be making use of a Closed Beta.

Given the anticipation surrounding our console release we expect that this launch will have a significant impact on our systems. A closed beta will allow us launch to a limited (though still substantial) proportion of players, which we will gradually increase over the duration of the beta. Doing this will allow us to ensure the launch goes as smoothly as possible, leading to a quicker and more efficient full launch further down the line.

We know that there might be some concern that a closed beta might mean limited access. Rest assured that although spaces will be initially limited, we fully intend to welcome everyone who’s been eagerly waiting for this moment.

Sign ups to take part will be available on our website closer to the time. Keep an eye out for more news on how to receive your PlayStation Closed Beta key, as well as the PlayStation closed beta release date, soon!

New website

Speaking of PlayStation sign ups, to make it as easy as possible to secure your spot we’ve been hard at work on a brand new website!

This new website is a labour of love and a huge upgrade both technically and visually when compared to what we have now.


Once live, it'll be THE destination for all things Predecessor, including a full player support hub, up-to-date Hero information and of course, access to sign up for the upcoming PlayStation closed beta.

We're excited for you to see it for yourself so we won't be sharing any more spoilers here. Instead sit back and look forward to the next Predecessor Report having a whole new look!

Hero Affinity

Ready to show your mastery of a Hero?

Hero Affinity is the paragon of accomplishment in Predecessor - a crowning achievement represented by incredible skins, visual effects and more!

We've recently shared a bunch of awesome Hero Affinity skins! Which has been your favourite?

sbimp-phase_mastery_4k2.png sbimp-drongo_mastery_4k-min.png sbimp-severog-mastery_4k2.png sbimp-revenant-mastery_4k.png

You can expect a dedicated Hero Affinity blog soon, but in the meantime keep an eye out for more skin reveals on our social platforms as well as from some of your favourite Predecessor streamers and content creators!

Steam Bundles & Sales

In case you missed it, last week we took steps to make Predecessor more accessible than ever, by offering it for only $8.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency) on Steam by selling the base game on it’s own, without all of the bonus goodies that you get with the Rare, Epic or Legendary bundles.

This new basic version of the game comes with 10 Heroes fully unlocked and ready to go, and is a great jumping off point for anyone who’s been on the fence about joining us for Early Access. Plus it comes with an exclusive new skin!


For more information on the new base game listing, check out our dedicated blog post here.

Rewind to the good old days, with Wraith!

Earlier in the month we teased our upcoming Hero, Wraith, with a few sneak peeks! Did you manage to spot him in the images we shared?


This next one is nearly impossible.


Can’t spot him? Head to our Discord for help!

Not sure who you’re looking for? Well, for those of you who perhaps didn’t play all those years ago, meet Wraith - crack shot with a rifle and an expert at covert reconnaissance.


You’ll learn more about Wraith later this week as we share the V0.12 patch notes and his ability overview video.

Can't wait? Get a head start and begin unlocking Wraith now so that he's ready to play on day one!

Learn more about Hero Acquisition in our latest blog.

Design Time Livestream

Did you miss Steggs' first ever Predecessor community livestream the other week?

We roped in a bunch of Predecessor Game Designers to discuss everything from level design to balance changes, tackling community questions along the way!

Catch up now over on our YouTube channel, now with handy chapters to help you watch specific topics or questions!


Roll for initiate!

There’s nothing grim about this awesome 3D print!


Last month Shadowfrax shared this incredible 3D print of Grim.EXE over on our Discord server. They printed, sanded and assembled literally dozens of tiny parts to bring this classic Hero to life!


Seeing Grim.EXE like this, we can't wait to see them in game in a future update! Until then though, anyone suddenly in the mood to roll some dice?

Happy Chappy

Honestly we don’t quite know what it is, but something about Arzi’s awesome Narbash pixel art is utterly captivating. Could it be the oddly fleshy screaming mouth? Perhaps the so-soft-looking-I-want-to-pet-it mohawk he’s got going on? Maybe it’s the inclusion of subtle crows feet that suggest that this poor orc has been shouting for hours. All we know is that we must protect pixelated Narbash.


A slightly shorter Predecessor Report this time. Join us next time as we migrate to a whole new website!

Until then!

~ Kari, Community Wrangler