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What is ranked mode

Ranked Mode is a new game mode coming soon to Predecessor, offering intense competition for anyone looking to be recognised as Predecessor's greatest players.

Initially available for limited periods each weekend, we'll be expanding and iterating on this game mode as time goes on, following the data and of course, player feedback.

You'll be able to queue up alone or with an ally, rising up the ranks as you battle it out to top the weekly leaderboard.

Can you #BecomeParagon?

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In order to participate in Ranked Mode, your account must first meet certain criteria. This is to help maintain the competitive nature of the game mode.

  • Player account level must be 30 or higher.

  • Player account must have unlocked at least 20* Heroes.

  • Player account must be in good standing and not subject to any ongoing matchmaking bans.

Furthermore there's some additional requirements for playing Ranked Mode with a friend. Specifically you can only queue up with a friend who's of a roughly similar rank to you.

* These 20 Heroes can initially be a combination of fully unlocked Heroes and Heroes you have access to via free rotation. This is subject to change over time.

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It's not just about the competition, there's goodies on offer too for those who excel at Ranked Mode!

As you win more matches in Ranked Mode you'll earn Victory Points or VP. If you lose matches, you'll lose VP. Accumulate enough VP and you'll get ranked up!


As well as helping you climb the overall leaderboard, accumulating enough VP will also promote you to a new rank.

Reaching higher ranks means you'll get matched with harder opponents and get better rewards at the end of the season.

The possible ranks are as follows, from lowest to highest:








Having some rough games? Be careful - it's also possible to go down a rank if you lose too many matches!

Season Rewards

At the end of each Ranked Mode season you'll be rewarded based on two criteria.

  • The rank you finished with at the end of the season.

  • The highest rank you achieved during the season.

These rewards will be given out after a season has finished and will include all kinds of exclusive items such as profile icons and banners, so look out for specific information for each season.

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Ranked Mode will be broken into distinct seasons of content, with progress and leaderboards being reset at the start of each new season.

Each season will last for a number of months, with mid-season splits taking place throughout to act as milestones to compete for.

In its initial rollout, Ranked Mode in Predecessor will launch in a Pre-Season state. This will run for a number of months until we're ready to officially launch Season 1.

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In order to ensure that matchmaking for Ranked Mode is more competitive than regular games while maintaining a reasonable time to match players, we'll be initially launching the mode with limited availability.

Every weekend we'll open Ranked Mode on both EU and NA East servers during specific windows, times where we know most players are on in order to fill queue slots and ensure the most people who want to participate can.


NA East


Saturday 15:00 GMT+1

Saturday 15:00 EDT


Saturday 23:00 GMT+1

Saturday 23:00 EDT

We anticipate that many of you are excited and eager to play this competitive new game mode, so please understand that this initial limited availability is only temporary.

We'll be reviewing participation, server load, performance and player feedback closely during the first week and our aim is to expand these opening times based on demand gradually each week.

It's also worth noting that all players will be able to take part in the game mode by simply changing their region to whichever region is currently available. This means that NA players could join the EU queue or vice versa, so long as you don't mind the disadvantage of potential ping/connection issues.

Launch Date

We're not quite ready to reveal the launch date for Ranked Mode, so check back soon or follow our socials to find out when this competitive new game mode goes live!

In the meantime, make sure your accounts are Lv30 and you've unlocked your favourite Heroes, ready to battle it out for leaderboard glory!

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