Hero Acquisition System
Hero Acquisition System

Hero Acquisition System

In this blogpost, we are here to shed some light on how the Hero Acquisition system will work. We know it’s a hot topic in the community- and I hope this guide will clarify it all!

The Hero Acquisition system will take full effect as of Early Access V0.12. It has already been mostly implemented, so you might be familiar with some of the mechanisms.

The purpose behind this system is to give gamers something to work towards, as well as encourage players to try the Heroes they don’t usually play with for new and exciting combinations.

So how does it work?

Regardless of which bundle you’ve purchased or which Heroes you’ve unlocked, a selection of Heroes will always be available for everyone to use on free rotation. Eight of them, to be exact, so there’s always plenty to choose from regardless of the role you want to take on in the match!


In the Heroes tab screen, you can pick any Hero you want to start unlocking - it doesn’t even need to be the one you’ll be playing with! Once you’ve picked a Hero, press “Activate Hero” and you will start gaining XP towards fully unlocking that Hero by simply playing the game. You can also change your decision anytime and switch to someone else.


Unlocking can be done in any order. You may commit to unlocking everyone or simply work to curate a smaller roster of your favourites.  


Heroes will have different amounts of unlock stages. Newer ones, like Serath, will always require 5 stages to unlock, but over time this might decrease. Older characters can have between 1 and 4 stages. 

When you have gained enough XP by playing matches to complete all unlock stages of a Hero, you will permanently own them in your collection.


Heroes can also be purchased for Platinum. The price is dynamic, decreasing by 200 Platinum for every previously completed unlock stage.


Finally, and new for V0.12, is the ability to start unlocking new Heroes before they are even released! For example, our next new Hero will become playable on October 24th as part of the V0.12 update. One week before then (October 17th) however you'll be able to select them and begin working on unlocking them.

Earn enough XP and you'll have the new Hero unlocked and ready to play the instant they're released!


That’s all there is to it! We understand it might take some getting used to, but hopefully you see that having some goals to work towards alongside Hero Affinity rewards is pretty satisfying!
We’re available for any questions on our Discord server, subreddit, or Twitter!

Zuzu, Community Experience Manager