Hero Affinity
Hero Affinity

Hero Affinity

[Update - October 23rd, 2023]

Hey Champions,

Last Friday we shared information about our upcoming Hero Affinity system, a feature that would recognise and reward your hard work and dedication with awesome new cosmetics such as titles, visual effects and of course, our highly anticipated Affinity prestige skins.

Our goal for this system was not to directly replicate any other mastery system, but to create our own comprehensive and rewarding experience that we felt fairly reflected the time players put into their favourite Heroes. Hero Affinity was never how we defined mastery, which is why we called it Affinity and not Mastery. The system was solely designed to reward players for the playtime they invested into a Hero, and it is our fault that this wasn’t clear.

After spending the weekend reviewing your feedback, talking with community members and content creators, we understand that we can improve this approach.

We heard your feedback that the prestige skins available through Hero Affinity should be available to everyone, for free. In recognition of this we have moved the prestige skins from the premium track to the free track of Hero Affinity, effective immediately with the launch of Hero Affinity. The new tracks can be seen below.


Furthermore we’re increasing the XP bonus offered by the premium track to make all rewards more accessible for those of you who are interested in what the premium track has to offer.

Lastly we are continuing work to create and implement tokens that will in the future allow you to access premium Hero Affinity tracks for free. We hope to share more news on this at a later date.

Your feedback is crucial to the development of Predecessor and we’re grateful to be working alongside such a committed and passionate community. We hope that these changes address many of the core concerns that arose when we announced Hero Affinity last week and we will of course continue to monitor player feedback and game data and make further adjustments where necessary.

Thank you,
The Omeda Studios Team

[Original Post]

Greetings Champions!

With V0.12 just around the corner, we wanted to discuss our upcoming Hero Affinity system.

What is Hero Affinity?

Hero Affinity is the paragon of accomplishment in Predecessor, offering a significant amount of new content for you to earn. There’s no better way to show off your dedication to your favourite Heroes.

Reaching Affinity with a Hero takes time, skill and dedication. Do so however and you will be rewarded with fantastic and exclusive items such as Emotes, Account Icons & Banners, Loading Screen Borders & Titles, Crowns and of course; our fiery Prestige Skins.


How will it work?

Each Hero now has an Affinity battle pass with two distinct Affinity tracks, as shown below.


One is completely free and is immediately available to progress while the other can be unlocked with Platinum to reap its rewards. The premium track also unlocks a permanent 15% Affinity XP boost for that Hero, further helping you reach those epic rewards!


Any XP earned by playing matches with any given Hero will be added to that Hero’s Affinity XP pool, progressing both the free and premium tracks simultaneously. Affinity levels start out quick but require more investment the closer you are to reaching level 10.

You can purchase the premium Affinity track at any time and it’ll instantly unlock any rewards you may already be entitled to. All matches played with a Hero earns Affinity XP and progresses that Hero's Affinity level, even when you don't own a Hero but are playing it on free rotation!

A few extra notes

In the future we will be adding Affinity tokens as a way to access the premium side of the Affinity system for free, however this will not be arriving in Season 3

Currently you will need to equip Hero-specific customisation options (such as crowns and Affinity trails) in the Affinity menu. If you have an effect set in your Profile screen (such as an Ascended recall animation) it’ll be overridden by any effect you have equipped in the Affinity screen for that Hero. Emotes are automatically equipped. Non-Hero-specific customisation options (such as profile banners) will need to be equipped in the Profile menu. In the future we intend to expand and simplify how these effects and customisation options are managed and applied.

Hero Affinity will not backdate based on previous playtime with Heroes. Every Hero for all players will start at Affinity Lv. 0 as of V0.12.

This is our first iteration of Hero Affinity and represents a substantial amount of new content being added to Predecessor all at once. With that in mind (and given that we are still in Early Access) this system is subject to change and refinement, so please bear with us as we deal with any unexpected interactions or complications that might arise as a result of this new feature.

That's all for now! You can start earning Affinity XP the second v0.12 drops!

~ Kari & Alex (Community & Game Design)