Early Access Patch V0.17.3
Early Access Patch V0.17.3

Early Access Patch V0.17.3


Greetings Champions!

As we forge our path further into our Open Beta we’re excited to share that V0.18 is shaping up to be perhaps our biggest patch of all time. 

You’ll have to wait a little longer to learn more about that behemoth of an update however, as today is all about patch V0.17.3!

With such a big patch on the horizon, this update is admittedly a smidge smaller than we’d have liked. Still, we’re pleased to be sharing a number of highly anticipated skins including an all-new original Shinbi skin, as well as a collection of balance changes.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Store News

Skin Variants 

As we build up a bigger and more extensive collection of skins for each Hero we’re excited to share that this update brings with it a new feature for skins - variants!

Shogun Variant

Skin variants are exactly what they sound like - alternative versions of a skin with some subtle changes, such as colour tweaks or light-texture changes.

Not all skins will be getting variants and to start with we’re only releasing them in this update’s bundles just while we get things set up and rolling. But rest assured we’re excited to expand this concept as time goes on.

So how do you know if a bundle contains a fancy new skin variant? Simple look for the rainbow circle in the top right corner of the bundle image! The icon represents that the bundle contains a variant skin, and if you see a number inside the circle that means the bundle contains multiple variant skins!

For the time being any skin variant sold in a bundle is timed exclusive, meaning it won’t be available separately until a later date. So make sure to grab them while you can! 

Psst! Already own items contained in a new bundle? Our bundles are priced dynamically, meaning you'll get a discount based on the content you own!

New Skins

Rogue Kallari

Plunge your shadow-dipped blades deep behind enemy lines with Kallari’s sinister new [Epic] Rogue skin!

Kallari Rouge 1920x1080 Hero-Art

Rogue Sparrow

Shoot from the shadows with Sparrow’s heroic new Rogue [Epic] skin. Your enemies won’t know what hit them.

Sparrow Rouge 1920x1080 Hero-Art

Cyber Operative Shinbi

Command authority among fans and foes alike with Shinbi’s new Cyber Operative [Rare] skin!

Shinbi Cyber Operative Hero Art 1920x1080


Rogue Kallari Bundle

Slinking through the shadows with a cool new Rogue skin is great, but having a timed exclusive variant of the skin alongside an exclusive new spray is even better!

SoMe Bundle Rogue Kallari 4k

Bundle Contents:

Kallari (Hero)

Rogue Kallari Skin

Alabaster Rouge Kallari Variant (Timed Exclusive)

Rogue Kallari Spray (Exclusive)

Rogue Sparrow Bundle

Kallari’s not the only one getting a variant this week! Pick up the Rogue Sparrow Bundle to nab her new Rogue skin as well as an Onyx variant and her exclusive new spray.

SoMe Bundle Rogue Sparrow 4k

Bundle Contents:

Sparrow (Hero)

Rogue Sparrow Skin

Onyx Rouge Sparrow Variant (Timed Exclusive)

Rogue Sparrow Spray (Exclusive)

Rogue MEGA Bundle

Want all the Rogues? There’s a bundle for that! 

Save some Platinum by picking up the Rogue MEGA Bundle, which includes the two Heroes, their new skins and variant, rogue-themed sprays and additionally exclusive banners, all at a great price!

SoMe Bundle Rogue Sparrow Kallari 4k

Bundle Contents:

Kallari (Hero)

Rogue Kallari Skin

Alabaster Rouge Kallari Variant (Timed Exclusive)

Rogue Kallari Spray (Exclusive)

Rogue Kallari Banner (Exclusive)

Rogue Kallari Profile Icon (Exclusive)

Sparrow (Hero)

Rogue Sparrow Skin

Onyx Rouge Sparrow Variant (Timed Exclusive)

Rogue Sparrow Spray (Exclusive)

Rogue Sparrow Banner (Exclusive)

Rogue Sparrow Profile Icon (Exclusive)

Shogun Wraith Bundle

It’s not only the Rogues getting attention in this update, Shogun Wraith is also getting some love!

We’ve updated the existing Shogun Wraith Bundle with a brand new Cobalt variant of the beloved Shogun skin! 

Don't forget that if you've already purchased the Shogun Wraith Bundle in the past, this new version of the bundle including the new Cobalt variant skin will be available to you at a significantly discounted rate!

Shogun Bundle Wraith Variant

Bundle Contents:

Wraith (Hero)

Shogun Wraith Skin

Cobalt Shogun Wraith Variant (Timed Exclusive)

Shogun Wraith Spray (Exclusive)

New Featured Tab

Looking for the best deals? Don't want to miss out on the latest timed exclusive skin variant?

Introducing the new Featured Tab!

Featured Tab Preview

This new tab is the best place to grab a bargain. We'll be using in to showcase bundles and items up for grabs that we think you'll really enjoy, as well as some of the latest and greatest offers we've got running in the store.

Head to the Store to check it out!

Hero Balance Changes

Web Banner Argus

Argus’s damage output ramps up too aggressively when focusing a single target due to his potent Passive, Disintegrate. To remedy this we’re reducing its damage multiplier, leading to less consistent DPS output.

Disintegrate [Passive]:

Damage Multiplier decreased from 40% to 35%.

Web Banner Gideon

With the previous Quality Of Life change to Gideon’s Ultimate providing it greater responsiveness on initial cast, the reliability of its damage output was increased. Due to this Black Hole is receiving a hit to its Scaling, ensuring it’s damage is not as overbearing in later-game teamfights.

Black Hole [Ultimate]:

Magical Power Scaling decreased from 315% to 288%.

Web Banner Grim

GRIM.exe is still finding his feet among the roster. Despite his general damage output matching up well to the rest of the roster, his general immobility leaves him extremely vulnerable to a range of threats. To help mitigate some of these general weaknesses, GRIM.exe is receiving an increase to their Movement Speed and early game damage/durability, as well as seeing the window of defense provided by Deflector Shield extended. Alongside this, G.T.F.O may now be targeted while in the air, further improving the responsiveness of the ability.


Movement Speed increased from 645 to 655.

Health increased from 610 to 625.

Health Growth increased from 98 to 100.

Physical Armor increased from 24 to 26.

Displacement Blast [Primary]:

Damage increased from 90/130/170/210/250 to 95/140/185/230/275.

Bonus Physical Power Scaling increased from 70% to 80%.

Normal Mode Projectile Speed decreased by 5%.

Deflector Shield [Alternate]:

Cooldown decreased from 26/23/20/17/14 to 24/21/18/15/12.

Duration increased from 1 to 1.5s.

G.T.F.O [Ultimate]:

[QoL] Can now be cast in-air.

Web Banner Grux

Grux’s potency in the early stages of a match continues to allow him to bully out a variety of match-ups from minute one with little room for counterplay. Due to this, his Double Pain is seeing a reduction in damage to ensure his early trades are more in line with other Heroes.

Double Pain [Alternate]:

Damage decreased from 20/40/60/80/100 to 10/30/50/70/90.

Web Banner Iggy&Scorch

Iggy & Scorch’s Flame Turret’s struggle to feel relevant enough in many scenarios due to their lower damage output. To reinforce their existence as a valuable asset for Iggy to place and protect, we’re further increasing their damage while making them more accessible in the early game with a reduced Mana cost, better allowing him to push up his turret line with multiple placements.

Flame Turret [Primary]:

Damage increased from 12/19/26/33/40 to 12/20/28/36/44.

Magical Power Scaling increased from 18% to 20%.

Mana Cost decreased from 50 to 40.

Web Banner Khaimera

Khaimera’s dominance in early skirmishes is exacerbated by his general output and ability to clear the Jungle at a reasonable pace. We’re slowing his pace down by reducing the damage of his Unleash ability, as well as giving him less up-time on his Ultimate making his gank windows less frequent.

Unleash [Primary]:

Total Physical Power Scaling decreased from 45% to 40%.

Cull [Ultimate]:

Cooldown increased from 110/85/60 to 120/90/60.

Web Banner Morigesh

While she may exist as a scaling threat, Morigesh struggles to keep pace in the wave clear department compared to other Mages and can find it difficult to secure a foothold in a match. To bring her into closer parity with others she’s getting a little extra uptime on her Hive, better allowing her to poke or push in lane.

Hive [Primary]:

Magical Power Scaling increased from 65% to 70%.

Cooldown decreased from 13/12/11/10/9 to 12/11/10/9/8.

Web Banner Narbash

Narbash’s Healing potency and uptime can leave him feeling unmovable, often undoing a significant amount of the damage dealt to his team in a fight and making his team difficult to interact with. Some adjustments to his Mana Growth and Healing output are needed to ensure his Healing capabilities are a little less dominating.


Mana Growth decreased from 60 to 50.

Song Of My People [Secondary]:

Magical Power Scaling decreased from 9% to 8%.

Web Banner Revenant

Revenant’s ability to deal damage, though seemingly high, is often hindered in the later stages of a match as his Abilities begin to lose relevance. By increasing the uptime on his Obliterate and offering more damage amplification from his Scar, Revenant will have more relevant frequent options to pick from in engagements, whether that’s cheating his reload with a well-timed obliterate, or Scar offering a greater Damage Amp’ to justify the cast time.

Obliterate [Primary]:

Cooldown decreased from 14/13/12/11/10 to 14/12.5/11/9.5/8.

Scar [Secondary]:

Damage Amplification on hit increased from 10% to 12%.

Web Banner Shinbi

Shinbi has traditionally been Mana gated in the early stages of a match to encourage her to interact more frequently at melee range rather than sitting back and relying on Line Tempo. However, this tends to leave her feeling forced to invest in a Mana Item, stifling her build options. We’re undoing this slightly by offering her further Mana Growth and Shield Scaling as a match progresses, better allowing her to opt into power-heavier itemization if she chooses.


Mana decreased from 390 to 370.

Mana Growth increased from 30 to 36.

Circle Rhythm:

Damage Magical Power Scaling increased from 22% to 25%.

Web Banner The Fey

Much like Morigesh, The Fey is receiving adjustments to her Bramble Patch aimed at granting her more utility uptime and burst threat in mid-game skirmishes if she chooses to invest skill points into the ability.

Bramble Patch [Primary]:

Damage increased from 90/125/160/195/230 to 90/130/170/210/250.

Cooldown decreased from 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 to 12/11/10/9/8.

Web Banner Zarus

Zarus’ previous adjustment to his Coliseum Cooldown has seen him ascend the ranks of the Jungle Role, especially due to how frequently he could commit to a cage-gank. We’re pulling this back to provide laners more breathing room between his ganks while giving his early clear speed a slight bump as compensation.


Physical Power increased from 54 to 56.

Coliseum [Ultimate]:

Cooldown changed from 130/120/110 to 145/125/105.

Item Balance Changes

Web Banner Items omen

Omen contributes to excessive burst scenarios in the case of Heroes such as Feng Mao, due to its Cooldown Refund mechanic. It’s being reduced to ensure the cadence at which its users cast abilities is not overly abnormal and more readable for those on the receiving end.

  • Bestial Torment Cooldown Refund decreased from 2s to 1.5s.

Web Banner Items Crystal-Tear

Crystal Tear provides far too much Mana Regeneration as a stand-alone item, often resolving all of its wielder's Mana issues on purchase without needing further investment in the stat. As such, it’s losing some effectiveness.

  • Base Mana Regen decreased from 225% to 175%.

Jungle Balance Changes

The previous change to Mini Primes durability to slightly offset the increased kill-speed from the removal of the Damage Reduction debuff was not implemented correctly, with its Health remaining at old values. This has now been resolved.

Mini Prime: 

  • [Bugfix] Health increased from 4800 (+400 per Level) to 5200 (+500 per Level).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the user to be unable to skip forward or to a specific time in the Replay Mode.

  • Fixed an issue where Console Users would not receive Dodge Bans correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with Greystone’s Sacred Oath that prevented it from damaging Towers or applying fully with Critical Strikes.

  • Fixed an issue where Steel’s Shield Wall would not correctly block Iggy’s Flame Turret projectiles.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Navigation lockout when entering incorrect text in the In-game Shop.

  • Fixed an issue where the Title Screen could crash repeatedly after a disconnect event.

  • Fixed an issue where Support Crest charge “Orbs” would not display around the user.

  • Fixed an issue where Sprays would appear distorted on Dusk Inhibitor Pads.

  • Fixed an issue on Console where Social Notifications would have their inputs remain on-screen after they expire.

  • Fixed an issue where Role Bundles could display a stretched image.

  • Fixed an issue where the Dawn Side “4-Camp” could become stuck in nearby Terrain.

  • Fixed an issue where Account Reward Notifications would remain on-screen if not closed via their prompt.

  • Fixed an issue where River Bugs could be unintentionally killed when standing on Mid-lane ledges.

  • Fixed an issue where Users could lose functionality when disconnecting in the Pre-match Loading Screen and reconnecting afterwards. 

  • Fixed an issue where Usernames would not be displayed in the Pre-match Loading Screen unless they were a Friend.

  • Fixed an issue where Monsters could leave a lingering hitbox upon death, blocking other Monsters.

  • Fixed an issue where Tier 1 and 2 components would not automatically show when called from the In-game Shop search bar.

  • Fixed an issue where the Builds Into section of the In-game Item Shop would not update correctly after purchasing a Recommended Item on Controller.

  • Fixed an issue where Morigesh’s Riktor Doll could incorrectly extend its Chain.

  • Fixed an issue where Phase’s Energy Lance would show the incorrect Targeting range.

  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would play the correct VFX/SFX but the ability effect would not always apply as expected.

That's everything this time Champions, what do you think?

Let us know your feedback over on our Discord server or the Predecessor Subreddit.

Until next time!


Lead Community Manager @ Omeda Studios