Early Access Patch V0.18
Early Access Patch V0.18

Early Access Patch V0.18


V0.18.1 (24/05/2024)

  • Fixed a bug with wrong MMR value being used to calculate the match result MMR changes.

  • Fixed a bug with friends status not updating correctly.

  • Fixed a bug with loading into Brawl match immediately after finishing the Tutorial will not place all the players into the correct match queue.

  • Fixed a wrong audio setting for the Soul Storm jumppad effect.


Greetings Champions! 

V0.18 is finally upon us, unquestionably the biggest game update Predecessor has ever seen.

We’ve got an entirely new gamemode, a beloved new Hero, improvements and overhauls to our audio system, oodles of brand new items, a complete overhaul of nearly every other existing item, Hero and stat in the entire game as well as some completely original new skins for some of your favourite Heroes. 

So grab your best biscuits and settle in, it’s time to overhaul Predecessor!

A New Hero Appears

Put your enemies on ice, with Aurora! 

The undisputed crystalline queen of the cold, Aurora, is making her icy Predecessor debut!

Aurora is a cool-headed crowd-control master, able to skate around her enemies and sail through the air thanks to her unrivalled arctic agility. Capable of freezing the battlefield and encasing her foes in deadly, bone-chilling ice, you’ll want to wrap up warm if you find yourself facing her down in the midlane!


Frozen Simulacrum [Passive]:

Effect: Damaging an Enemy Hero or Monster 4 times will summon a Frost Storm around Aurora for 3s, refreshing on additional damage dealt. The Storm deals 5 (+30% Magical Power) + 1% (+0.06% per level) Enemy Max Health magical damage per second.

Additionally if Aurora jumps whilst already airborne she will leap in the direction she is moving, leaving behind a frozen replica of herself!

This replica has (+20% Maximum Health)(+150% Magical Power) Health, draws aggression from enemy towers, and lasts for 8s.

Frozen Sword [Basic Attack]:

BAT: 1.1
Effect: Melee basic attack dealing 62 (+80% Bonus Physical Power) physical damage.

Glacial Charge [Primary]:

CD: 26/24/22/20/18
Cost: 80
Effect: Aurora dashes forward, leaving behind a trail of ice that other Heroes can walk on for the next 5s.

Allied Heroes gain 20/25/30/35/40% increased movement speed when walking on the ice.

Hoarfrost [Secondary]:

CD: 14/13/12/11/10
Cost: 50
Effect: Aurora creates a ring of frost on the ground around her. Enemies that touch the ring take 100/125/150/175/200 (+70% Magical Power) magical damage and are Rooted for 1.25s.

The ring remains in the world for 2.5s.

Boreal Sweep [Alternate]:

CD: 12/11/10/9/8
Cost: 40/45/50/55/60
Aurora summons a wave of frost in a cone dealing 45/60/75/90/105 (+25% Magical Power) magical damage and Slowing enemy targets hit by 35% for 1s.

After 1s the wave erupts, dealing an additional 75/110/145/180/215 (+60% Magical Power) magical damage and reapplying the Slow.

Cryoseism [Ultimate]:

CD: 120/110/100
Cost: 100
Effect: Aurora freezes an area, applying a 50% Slow to all enemies for 1.5s. After 1.5s, the ice freezes, Stunning the target for 1s. After the Stun the target explodes, dealing 130/250/370 (+50% Magical Power) magical damage to them and all nearby enemies.

Enemies damaged by Cryoseism will be Slowed by 50% for 0.5s before exploding, dealing 65/125/185 (+25% Magical Power) magical damage to them and nearby enemies. Targets can only be slowed this way once per Cryoseism.

Store News

New Skins

Quantum Lt. Belica

Take your tech to the top with the all-new [Legendary] Quantum Lt. Belica skin!

LT Belica Quantum Hero Art 1920x1080

Odyssey Howitzer

One small step for man is actually many small steps for Howitzer when he’s out of his mech. Explore the stars with his all-new [Epic] Odyssey skin!

Howitzer Oddyssey Hero-Art 1920 (2)

Ascended Zarus

Carry the blessings of the God of the Senezani and fulfil your divine potential at long last with the ruthless [Common] Ascended Zarus skin!

Zarus-Ascended-Electric Hero-Art 1920x1080 (1)

Glacial Empress Aurora

Plunge your foes into a bitter cold snap, with Aurora’s [Epic] Glacial Empress skin!

Aurora Glaciel Empress Hero Art 1920x1080

New Bundles

Quantum Lt. Belica Bundle

Make a quantum leap with the Quantum Lt. Belica bundle, including multiple variants of her new legendary skin as well as brand-new recall and jump pad visual effects!

SoMe Bundle Quantum LT Belica 4k (1)

Bundle Contents:

Lt. Belica [Hero]

Quantum Lt. Belica [Skin]

Nebula Quantum Lt. Belica [Skin Variant] (Timed Exclusive)

Nova Quantum Lt. Belica [Skin Variant] (Timed Exclusive)

Quantum Lt. Belica [Spray] (Exclusive)

Quantum Lt. Belica [Banner] (Exclusive)

Quantum Lt. Belica [Profile Icon] (Exclusive)

Quantum Jump Pad [VFX]

Quantum Recall [VFX]

Quantum VFX Bundle

Power up all of your Heroes and dazzle your foes with the Quantum VFX Bundle, letting you put these unique effects on any of your Heroes!  

Quantum VFX Bundle 620x1352

Bundle Contents:

Quantum Jump Pad [VFX]

Quantum Recall [VFX]

Odyssey Howitzer Bundle

Pick up Howitzer, his new Odyssey skin and a bunch of astral goodies in the Odyssey Howitzer Bundle!

SoMe Bundle Howitzer Odyssey 4k

Bundle Contents:

Howitzer [Hero]

Odyssey Howitzer [Skin]

Odyssey Howitzer [Spray] (Exclusive)

Odyssey Howitzer [Banner] (Exclusive)

Odyssey Howitzer [Profile Icon] (Exclusive)

Odyssey Recall [VFX] (Timed Exclusive)

Ascension Bundle

With enough ascended Heroes to fill a small pantheon, this bundle is ideal for anyone who wasn’t able to play during the Road To Ascension season last year!

This is the only way to get the Ascended skins for The Fey, Sparrow and Narbash right now, so pick up this bundle while you can!

SoMe Bundle Ascension 4k Text (1)

Bundle Contents:

Zarus [Hero]

Narbash [Hero]

The Fey [Hero]

Sparrow [Hero]

Ascended Zarus [Skin]

Ascended Narbash [Skin]

Ascended The Fey [Skin]

Ascended Sparrow [Skin]

Ascension Recall [VFX]

Ascension Jump Pad [VFX]

Glacial Empress Aurora Bundle

Subvert your foes with sleek and sublime sub-zero sleet, snow and storms in Aurora’s very own Glacial Empress bundle, complete with a collection of cool cosmetics and bundled with her premium Affinity Pass unlocked and ready to take on!

SoMe Bundle Aurora Glaciel Empress 4k

Bundle Contents:

Aurora [Hero]

Glacial Empress Aurora [Skin]

Glacial Empress Aurora [Spray] (Exclusive)

Glacial Empress Aurora [Banner] (Exclusive)

Glacial Empress Aurora [Profile Icon] (Exclusive)

Premium Affinity Pass

Brawl Mode

Predecessor’s first new game mode, Brawl, is finally here!

It’s casual, it’s crazy, and it’s sure to stir things up. You can check out everything you need to know about it in the video below, or keep reading for the full breakdown of how it works!


Brawl Mode is a brand-new, quickfire game mode coming to Predecessor on May 21st, where two teams of 5 battle it out in an action-packed skirmish featuring faster gold and more XP, all on a brand new, single lane map.

Brawl Map

The aim of the game is simple, take all of your enemies points by any means necessary, before they take yours.


Each team starts the game with 400 points. Killing enemy minions and taking down opposing Heroes takes points from the other team. Each minion killed is worth one point, each Hero slain is worth five points. But securing takedowns is just one way to build your lead. 

At each end of the map, both teams have a portal to defend from enemy minions and… other monsters… Your portal is located just in front of your spawn point. If an enemy minion reaches it, your team will lose one point. So if a whole wave of minions comes crashing down your lane, consider playing defensively and intercept them before you start losing too many points. 

Now about those other monsters… 

Fangtooth Brawl

Once your team has killed five enemy Heroes you’ll gain the aid of a mighty Fangtooth! This destructive dinosaur will rampage down the lane on your behalf, devastating minions and Heroes alike as it charges towards the enemy portal! Escort your Fangtooth successfully to the enemy portal, and they’ll lose a massive 15 points. 

The best part? There’s no limit to the number of Fangteeth you or your opponents can spawn during a game. Successfully escorted a Fangtooth? Simply wrack up another five kills and watch the slaughter start all over again!

Takedowns, defense and wave management are the keys to success in Brawl Mode!


While the central lane will see most of the action, flanking your enemies and exploring the sides of the map will reveal a number of monsters that will grant you various buffs. Here you’ll find the Orange buff for more damage and increased jump height, the purple buff providing extra health and tenacity, and the River buffs, all spawning on a timer throughout the match to provide a range of effects for players to take advantage of. Killing these monsters won’t reduce your enemy’s points,  but it could give you the boost you need to turn the battle in your favor.

Likewise, you may notice health packs dotted around the map too. When collected these heal you and any allies within a short radius. You can use them to instantly recover your health during a fight, or maybe you’ll be grabbing them to deny heals for your opponents! 

Orb Prime Brawl

Later on in the match Orb Prime will spawn in the middle of the map for either team to try and take advantage of. This is a huge objective that neither team will want to give up easily, as it grants the team who secures the takedown a buff to their minions as well as health and mana regen, while also deducting a huge 50 points from the enemy team.


The game ends when one team is reduced to zero points, leaving the other side victorious and the losers as food for Fangtooth!

Find Brawl Mode in the Game Modes menu and strap in for more carnage than ever before!

Audio Improvements

V0.18 also sees a complete redesign of Predecessor’s sound system!

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice when booting the game up is a brand new announcer! This new voice of Predecessor is primed and ready to commentate your battles, highlighting every epic multikill with clearer audio and a richer presence.

As the battle begins you’ll also be able to pick up on more audible details than ever before. We’ve flooded the game with brand-new sound effects for the UI, game interactions and ambient moments. Enjoy walking down midlane to the sounds of distant explosions, or the sounds of minions clinking as they spawn and march to their inevitable demise.

As the match heats up and you let loose your epic abilities don’t be surprised to hear many new voice lines coming from your favorite Heroes! We’ve upped the chattiness of every character in the game, so expect to hear your Hero react more dynamically to the match around them with more personality than ever before!

Beyond these new additions we’ve overhauled the entire audio system, rebalancing everything you hear in game and rebuilding our audio implementation from the ground up. Predecessor should feel fresh, exciting and alive, and we’re excited to hear your thoughts on these improvements.

Performance Improvements

Not only will Predecessor sound better than ever, but it’ll now run more smoothly than ever before too!

We’ve identified and fixed a number of memory leaks and performance issues, such as the leading cause of performance troughs and spikes during gameplay and in the main menus. Median FPS remains roughly the same, but if you experienced random slow downs before this update you should now find that they’re mostly fixed or improved.

On top of this we’ve also reduced Predecessor’s overall memory consumption, improving performance on lower-end machines and making it easier for everyone to run the game while other intensive programs run in the background. 

We’ve identified more potential improvements too, so look out for more fixes and optimisations in future patches.

Console Localisation

We’ve been hard at work expanding and improving our in game translations, ever-dedicated to our mission of making Predecessor more accessible to more people.

We’re almost ready to release the localisation options that PC users have been enjoying recently on console, with this V0.18 update being the original target. 

Unfortunately due to the sheer scale of this update we’ve made the decision to delay console localisation until a future update.


We've identified an edge case with our Matchmaking Rating (MMR) calculations affecting players frequently partying up with friends that are naturally a much higher or lower MMR.  Our system previously did not account well for players in matches with an average rating well above or below their own MMR, improperly boosting up the rating of lower-MMR players and dragging down the rating for high-MMR players frequently playing in mixed-skill parties.  While these effects were relatively minor for the vast majority of the player base, players who played many games in parties with very widely-ranging skill saw their ratings skewed by dozens or even hundreds of MMR rating points from other players with a similar career win/loss ratio, and meant that their solo-queued games often placed them in lobbies that otherwise wouldn't be a good fit.

We'll be rolling out a fix for these wonky party adjustments alongside 0.18, and to facilitate this change we'll also be condensing everyone's MMR proportionally closer to the internal average of 1000, and temporarily increasing the amount of MMR gained or lost for each match.  This "squeeze" towards the middle and increased rating volatility might result in some more variable matchmaking for a short while so please bear with us as the system rebalances, but we expect players to settle back towards their natural skill point relatively quickly while "resetting" those outlier players affected by the mixed-party issue.

Thanks as always to everyone for providing feedback!

Gameplay Balance Changes

Without further ado, let’s finally get into the bulk of the V0.18 update.

Six Items

As requested by many in the Community we’re pleased to finally introduce the highly-anticipated 6th Item Slot, allowing for more creativity and unique builds than ever before! 

To account for this game-changing new addition and the need for more Gold in order to complete a full build, we’ve carried out a substantial balance pass on almost every aspect of the game.

While the overall goal with the addition of 6 Items may have been for the match-to-match experience to remain recognisable as the Predecessor we all know and love, the introduction of any new system or re-balance of this scale will naturally lead to emergent balance issues. While there is a risk of it being a bumpy road, with the help of community feedback we will continue to address pain points as they come up in follow-up balance patches now that we are able to put the baseline through its paces in a live environment. 

Additionally, due to the sheer volume of balance changes that have occurred in this update, we’ve decided to provide you here with a brief overview of the changes to keep things digestible. 

Editor’s note: Seriously, the full list of notes is absurdly long and in depth. Game Design gave us over 90 pages of changes all in bullet points. If you’re having a particularly boring day and want to go through it all feel free, but just know that we tried to warn you. Link to the full changelog  HERE.

So, what’s changed? 

Sixth Item Slot

As of the V0.18 Predecessor will feature an exciting new sixth item slot, allowing players to further customize their builds and experiment with previously impossible combinations!

Mass Game Re-Balance

The addition of the sixth item slot brings with it several balance requirements to ensure that things run smoothly and gameplay continues to work as intended, with damage output and Hero durability all remaining relative to the new baseline we’ve created.

While things should feel largely the same, everything from the amount of Gold and Experience you earn in a match, to Heroes, Items, Minions and Monsters have all received comprehensive balance adjustments to ensure that the overall pace and feel of Predecessor remains intact.

Summary of overall balance changes:

Gold pacing increased by approximately 15%.

Total XP required for Level 18 decreased by approximately 10%.

Kill XP and Kill Comeback XP modifiers adjusted.

Hero Stat Growths on Level-up normalized to 80-120%.

Hero Base Stats adjusted.

Hero Base Ability Damage and/or Scalings adjusted. 

Minions, Monsters, Gold, XP, Durability and Damage adjusted across the board.

Stacking items such as Azure Core now gain additional Stacks when killing Monster Camp Leaders.

Structure Durability and Damage adjusted.

Almost all items have been completely re-balanced and/or adjusted.

Carry T3 Items Critical Strike Chance decreased from 25% to 20%,

Base Critical Strike Damage decreased from 160% to 150%.

50~ existing items heavily adjusted (Statlines, Recipes, or Passives).

9 items removed:

Fenix [Crest]

Abyssal Bracers [T2]

Hallowed Braid [T2]

Breach [Carry]

Viper [Carry]

Boneseeker [Fighter]

Tectonic Mallet [Fighter]

Wellspring [Support]

Requiem [Support]

22 new items added:

1 new Warrior Crest Evolution .

1 new T1.

5 new T2s.

15 new T3s.

Faster Gold Gain

More Item Slots means a more expensive full build! 

Rather than aggressively compressing Stats and Gold Costs, we’ve opted to increase the passive Gold Drip and the Gold gained from Minions & Monsters. As a result we have re-balanced all Heroes and items with this new Gold Pacing in mind. As mentioned, Gold gain is now roughly 15% faster across the board.

Faster XP

Along with these Gold changes the amount of XP required to level up has been decreased, and XP values from their respective sources have been changed.

While the Early game Pacing is largely unaffected, achieving Level 18 now requires roughly 1500 less total XP, meaning the endgame can now be approached a few minutes faster.

The reason for this? With Gold pacing increasing and Hero Stat Growths becoming normalized, Time To Kill would become quicker in isolation due to items being acquired faster. To combat this, experience pacing must be faster to ensure important Hero Base Stats such as Health and Armor keeps up while general durability remains relative.

Hero Rebalance

All Heroes have had their Base Stats adjusted. 

The goal here is to provide a new Hero Stat Baseline that can keep pace with and work within a six item economy. This can be seen through Hero Stats such as Health increasing and allowing them to match up to the quicker Stat gain offered by items, while simultaneously allowing us to keep our general item statline ceilings roughly the same.

Granted, there was the easier option of aggressively reducing all item strengths and costs across the board now that we have introduced a sixth item slot, but by opting for a full re-balance it allows Predecessor to retain its balance levers moving forward and provides us with a healthier item stat baseline to work with in the long-term - after all, bigger numbers are easier to differentiate and work with!

Though individual Heroes received Balance Adjustments on a case-by-case basis, a general summary of what’s changed is as follows.

General Rebalance Changes:

Recommended items have been updated.

S Factor Growth Ratios have been normalized.

All Heroes now Scale at the same Growth rate of 80%-120%, over Levels 1-18.

The following notable stats have been changed for all Heroes (on average):

Health is 25% higher.

Physical Armor is 15-20% lower to offset some Effective Health gains.

Magical Armor is 15-20% lower to offset some Effective Health gains.

Base Health Regeneration is 50% higher.

Base Physical Power is 15-20% higher.

Attack Speed Growths are 20% lower.

Damage on Rank 1 Abilities is 15-20% higher.

Ability Scalings have been selectively adjusted in places due to increased stat gain pacing.

Mana Costs and Mana Regen values are largely unchanged.

Item Rebalance

Under the new pacing and stat baseline, practically all items have received a complete re-balance, be that stat changes such as Critical Strike Chance Tier 3’s now offering the stat at a 20% rate instead, or more generally buffs and nerfs. 

While the majority of items will be recognisable from their previous forms and continue to function as you might expect, roughly 50 items have had their statlines and/or passive effects completely adjusted or revised in more extreme ways with the goal of improving the gameplay they offer.

For example, Fire Blossom now ramps up its Burn Damage over time rather than when a target is Immobilized; Mutilator no longer steals Health from your opponent; and Mindrazor’s Mana stacking passive has moved over to Resolution. 

As mentioned, the full list of changes can be found in the Supporting Blog here

New Items

Alongside the other item changes we’ve also introduced 22 brand new items in their place!


Web Banner Items Judgement
  • 12 Physical Power

  • 100 Health

  • 4% Omnivamp

  • Recipe: Warrior Crest

  • Active - Thunder Cleaver: Unleash a whirlwind of energy around you, dealing (+120% Total Physical Power) to all nearby Enemy Units. Hitting Enemy Heroes Heals you for (+35% Total Physical Power)(+8% Missing Health). Subsequent Hero hits Heal for 50% effectiveness.


Web Banner Items Pendant (1)
  • Cost: 350g

  • 5 Ability Haste


Web Banner Items Gilded Pendant (1)
  • Cost: 1000

  • 20 Physical Armor

  • 8 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Tunic + Pendant

Web Banner Items Life Ring (1)
  • Cost: 900

  • 60% Base Health Regen

  • 15 Physical Armor

  • Recipe: Life Stream + Tunic

Web Banner Items Mystic Cane (1)
  • Cost: 1050

  • 20 Magical Power

  • 75% Base Mana Regen

  • Recipe: Codex + Energy Stream

Web Banner Items Nether Shard (1)
  • Cost: 1250

  • 35 Magical Power

  • 8 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Codex + Pendant

  • Monster Slayer: Abilities deal 8% more damage to Monsters

Web Banner Items Vigorous Amulet (1)
  • Cost: 1000

  • 150 Health

  • 15 Physical Armor

  • Recipe: Vitality Beads + Tunic


Web Banner Items Equinox (1)
  • Cost: 3100

  • 20 Physical Power

  • 35% Attack Speed

  • 20% Critical Strike Chance

  • Recipe: Robust Arbalest + Ironwood Warbow

  • Nightshade - Critical Strikes deal 6% bonus true damage.

  • Adamance - On Falling below 40% Max Health, gain a 200-400 (based on Level) Shield for 4s - 90s CD.

Web Banner Items Nuclear Rounds (1)
  • Cost: 3200

  • 40 Physical Power

  • 25% Attack Speed

  • 250 Mana

  • 20% Critical Strike Chance

  • Recipe: Claymore + Spirit Beads + Ironwood Warbow

  • Havoc - Your Abilities deal 4-20% more damage, based on 20-100% Critical Strike Chance.

Web Banner Items Plasma Blade (1)
  • Cost: 3000

  • 25 Physical Power

  • 40 Magical Power

  • 35% Attack Speed

  • Recipe: Ironwood Warbow + Rune Bow

  • Vibro Cutter - Basic Attacks against Heroes grant you 8% Critical Strike Chance for 3s, stacking up to 5 times. 


Web Banner Items Penumbra (1)
  • Cost: 3000

  • 40 Physical Power

  • 200 Health

  • 6 Physical Penetration

  • 20 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Honed Kris + Vitality Beads + Temporal Ripper

  • Essence Reaper - On Takedown, reduce your Non-Ultimate Cooldowns by 4s.

Web Banner Items Tainted Trident (1)
  • Cost: 2900

  • 40 Physical Power

  • 8 Physical Penetration

  • 10 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Serrated Blade + Pendant + Honed Kris

  • Blighted Strikes - On dealing physical damage, reduce the Target’s Healing by 40% for 3s.

  • Woundseeker - Your Abilities deal 4 (+15% Physical Penetration)% bonus true damage to Blighted Units.


Web Banner Items Earthshaker (1)
  • Cost: 3000

  • 30 Physical Power

  • 30% Attack Speed

  • 300 Health

  • Recipe: Ironwood Warbow + Banded Emerald

  • Battleborn - Upon dealing damage to an Enemy Hero or Monster, increase your Ability Damage dealt by 1% for 3s, stacking up to 15 times. Melee Heroes gain Stacks twice as fast.

Web Banner Items Gaia Greaves (1)
  • Cost: 2900

  • 350 Health

  • 30 Physical Armor

  • 15 Ability Haste

  • 20% Tenacity

  • Recipe: Gilded Pendant + Tenacious Drape

  • Tremor - Move to generate up to 100 stacks of Tremor. Each stack grants 0.7 bonus Movement Speed, up to 70. Your next Basic Attack expends all current stacks, dealing up to 50 (+120% Base Physical Power) bonus physical damage. Lose 50 stacks per second while Slowed or Immobilized.

  • Unburden - Increase your Jump Height by 75%.

Web Banner Items Mistmeadow Buckler (1)
  • Cost: 3000

  • 40 Physical Power

  • 30 Magical Armor

  • 5% Omnivamp

  • Recipe: Bloodletter + Sabre + Nullifying Mask

  • Mistwood Guard - Gain 100 Mistwood charges; regenerate 5 charges per second. While at 100 charges, gain 15 bonus Magical Armor.

  • Bark Skin - Upon receiving Magical Damage, consume Mistwood charges based on the amount of damage taken. Each charge consumed blocks 1 damage. Bark Skin can block up to 50% of the incoming damage based on available charges.


Web Banner Items Noxia (1)
  • Cost: 3050

  • 85 Magical Power

  • 20 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Chronomatic Wand + Potent Staff

  • Evil Eye - Damaging an Enemy Hero with an Ability marks them for 3s. Dealing damage to a Marked Hero with a separate ability activates Dark Matter.

  • Dark Matter - Deal 5% of the Target’s Maximum Health as bonus magical damage - 8s CD.

Web Banner Items Soulbinder (1)
  • Cost: 3000

  • 75 Magical Power

  • 400 Mana

  • 15 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Dusk Stave + Chronomatic Wand

  • Arcane Salvo - Deal 8% additional true damage to Enemy Heroes that are at least 1,500+ units away. With each activation of Arcane Salvo, permanently gain 1 Magical Power - 12 CD.


Web Banner Items Crescelia (1)
  • Cost: 2700

  • 45 Magical Power

  • 100% Base Mana Regen

  • 15 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Mystic Cane + Spell Slasher + codex

  • Moonblade - Upon casting an Ability, empower your next Basic Attack within 4s to deal (+20% Magical Power)(+80% Base Physical Power) magical damage on-hit and reduce your Current Non-Ultimate cooldowns by 15% - 1.5s CD.

Web Banner Items Dawnstar (1)
  • Cost: 2600

  • 250 Health

  • 75% Base Health Regen

  • 20 Physical Armor

  • 10 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Violet Brooch + Life Ring

  • Debilitating Strikes - Your Basic attacks reduce Enemy Hero’s damage dealt by 2% for 3s, stacking up to 5 times. Melee Basic Attacks apply 2 stacks.

  • Crusader - On Immobilizing Enemy Heroes, gain 20% Attack Speed for 2.5s.

Web Banner Items Everbloom (1)
  • Cost: 2650

  • 45 Magical Power

  • 200 Health

  • 8% Heal & Shield Power

  • Recipe: Divine Wreath + Chaotic Core

  • Divine Protection - Your Heals and Shields grant Yourself and Ally Heroes 5% Damage Mitigation and 15% Tenacity for 2s.

Web Banner Items Lunaria (1)
  • Cost: 2650

  • 55 Magical Power

  • 10 Ability Haste

  • 8% Heal & Shield Power

  • Recipe: Divine Wreath + Chronomatic Wand

  • Incandescence - Gain charges of Incandescence equal to 30% of damage dealt to Enemy Heroes. 100-360 charges Max (based on Level).

  • Mending - On Healing or Shielding an Ally Hero, consume all Incandescence charges and Heal the Ally for an additional amount based on the charges consumed. Prioritizes the Lowest Health Target.


Web Banner Items Fist Of Razuul
  • Cost: 3100

  • 450 Health

  • 25 Physical Armor

  • 10 Ability Haste

  • Recipe: Banded Emerald + Gilded Pendant + Vitality Beads

  • Razuul’s Might - Upon dealing or receiving damage, gain a stack of Might each second for 3s. Upon reaching 5 stacks, empower your next Basic Attack to deal (+3% Max Health) bonus magical damage, increased by 2x for Heroes. Heal for 50% of the damage dealt by this Effect.

  • Minion Crusher - Deal 30% more damage to Minions.

Removed Items

Alongside the new additions we’ve also removed 9 existing items (farewell, Fenix!).

Removed Items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Grim.exe would jitter after his Strong Man emote finishes.

  • Fixed a bug where Argus would blend his movement incorrectly when rotating.

  • Fixed a bug where Child restricted Accounts would not send Parental blocking requests correctly to the Parent Account.

  • Fixed a bug where the Lighting in the Main Menu would distort shadows.

  • Fixed a bug where the in-game Lighting would darken aggressively while walking through the River.

  • Fixed a bug where the Midlane River Fog Walls could hide Heroes incorrectly when standing below it.

  • Fixed a bug where Wards could not be placed near the Dusk Midlane Minion spawner.

  • Fixed a bug where the Lock Icon on Hero Skin Variants lacked visibility.in the Main Menu.

  • Fixed a bug where Custom Game Info Text could cut off incorrectly on certain languages.

  • Fixed a bug where Hero Unlock Prompts could Jitter when navigating their options.

  • Fixed a bug where Grim.exe would not play SFX from his Ultimate for far away Target’s.

  • Fixed a bug where Friend Requests send via the Post-match screen would fail to go through.

  • Fixed a bug where Menu Focus Highlighting could randomly appear for unselected elements when equipping Cosmetics.

  • Fixed a bug where Murodck and Argus’ SFX could become distorted for spectators in Death Cam.

  • Fixed a bug where Howitzer’s Slow Grenades could visually duplicate on explosion.

  • Fixed a bug where current Buff Effects could display incorrect duration values when reconnecting to a match.

  • Fixed a bug where Party Members could get sent back to the Main Menu when another member disconnects from the Match Loading screen.

  • Fixed a bug where disconnected players could appear invisible and become soft-locked upon reconnecting.

  • Fixed a bug where Kira’s Mercy would not deal its bonus damage to Minions correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where Zarus’ Barricade would not display its damage increase correctly on Level-up.

  • Fixed a bug where TwinBlast’s Basic Attack would state the incorrect damage in his Main Menu Description.

  • Fixed a bug where  Grim.exe’s Pulsefire Main Menu Description

  • Fixed a bug where Grim.exe’s Main Menu Ability descriptions would display the incorrect Colors for Scalings

  • Fixed a bug where Grim.exe’s Ultimate would not state its cooldown reduction on Level-up. 

  • Fixed a bug where Keeper Crest would not deal its bonus damage correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where Crunch’s Right Crunch Main Menu Description would state the incorrect cooldown.

  • Fixed a bug where Khaimera’s Ultimate would not state its Slow effects in its Description.

  • Fixed a bug where various Items would display their Scaling Icons outside of the brackets.

  • Fixed a bug where Obelisk’s Scaling Icon would appear small in the Main Menu.

  • Fixed a bug where Wild Hunt would state the incorrect damage amount for its Slay Effect.

  • Fixed a bug where Iceskorn Talons would incorrectly state 15% damage increase instead of Physical Power.

  • Fixed a bug where Phase’s Ultimate would display an additional HUD Notifier.

  • Fixed a bug where Drongo’s Old Rusty and Rad Rounds would not state their cooldown reduction on Level-Up.

  • Fixed a bug where Murdock’s Hot Pursuit would not show a HUD Notifier correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where Riktor’s Old Saint Skin would not display its Chains correctly to other Users.

  • Fixed a bug where Sprays could appear pixelated in-game for PS5 Users.

  • Fixed a bug where Grim.exe’s descriptions would not display the correct Localisation text.

  • Fixed a bug where a variety of in-game text elements would not display the correct Localisation text.

  • Fixed a bug where Items Tab Descriptions would not display the correct Localisation text.

  • Fixed a bug where Howitzer could cancel his own Ultimate.

  • Fixed a bug where Serath’s Heaven’s Fury could incorrectly lock onto Explosive Flowers.

  • Fixed a bug where Kallari’s Shadow Walk would not deal its damage to Towers.

  • Fixed a bug where Zarus’ Ultimate VFX could appear the incorrect color.

  • Fixed a bug where Feng Mao could cancel his ultimate when using a Spray.

  • Fixed a bug where Grim.exe Basic Attacks would not gain bonus damage from Flux Matrix’s effect.

  • Fixed a bug where Steel’s Shield Wall would incorrectly lose its cooldown when its cast is interrupted.

  • Fixed a bug where Crunch’s Forward Crunch would do less damage than intended when using his Ultimate variant.

  • Fixed a bug where Iceskorn Talons’ Buff could be stacked.

  • Fixed a bug where Greystone could be launched by Explosive Flowers during his Ultimate.

  • Fixed a bug where Iggy’s Flame Turret could shoot through Emerald’s Ether Crystal.

  • Fixed a bug where Zarus’ Barricade could incorrectly register false-hits on Enemies.

  •  Fixed a bug where Zarus’ Passive Stacks would consume at the incorrect rate on the HUD.

  • Fixed a bug where Countess could target Enemies in Stasis.

  • Fixed a bug where Phase could Link to two Allies while they are close together.

  • Fixed a bug where Kira could Cleanse her Ultimate’s self-slow.

  • Fixed a bug where Lt.Belica’s Seismic Assault hitbox would linger.

  • Fixed a bug where Dusk Team’s Blink and Ultimate indicators would not update correctly in Spectator Mode.

  • Fixed a bug where Emotes would become unusable for Heroes.

  • Fixed a bug where Ability Casts and Autobuy could reset to Default Settings upon reconnecting to a match.

  • Fixed a bug where Users’ Platform Icons could be overridden incorrectly when accepting Party Invites

  • Fixed a bug where Argus’s Dread Nova would not play sound when damaging a Hero out of Vision.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dusk Grey Camp (3) could spawn underground.

  • Fixed a bug where disconnected Heroes would stop running back to base when Stunned.

  • Fixed a bug where Belica’s Void Drone would display the incorrect Skin variants when it explodes.

  • Fixed a bug where Countess’ Shogun Skin would cause VFX to misalign during her Ultimate.

  • Fixed a bug where Users could be prevented from Queuing for a Match during minor Matchmaking server updates.

  • Fixed a bug where Jungle Camps could update on the Minimap when killed without Vision.

Phew, talk about an involved update! What do you think?

Don’t forget you can click HERE for the full breakdown of every single technical change made in the update, but again, grab a snack before you head in because it’s a heavy read.

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Kari & Rei

Community Lead and Game Designer @ Omeda Studios