Early Access Patch V0.12.2
Early Access Patch V0.12.2

Early Access Patch V0.12.2


V0.12.3 | 17/11/23

  • Fixed a bug where Recall End and Respawning audio played globally for Belica, Gadget, and Khaimera.

  • Fixed an issue where players would incorrectly receive Affinity Rewards through the reward pop-up.

  • Fixed a bug where Revenant's Scar (E) ability would break after it hits a wall.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from buying previously owned heroes after refunding a bundle.

  • Fixed an issue on the Affinity screen causing incorrect yellow circles.

Original Game Update

Patch released 17.00 GMT November 14th, 2023.


Greetings Champions, and welcome to our first new game update covered here on our shiny new website!

For nearly a year now our poor Game Designers have been hand-writing thousands of words every few weeks, listing hundreds and hundreds of bullet points for all of the hundreds and hundreds of tiny balance changes we've been making to our Heroes and items. Today however marks the first time we're letting our new website do the work for us!

That's right, the patch notes you'll see further down this page (and in fact the stats you see across the new website) are all being pulled directly from the game engine, making them more accurate than ever before while taking less time away from our teams letting them focus on other things.

We'll still be adding our usual hand-written commentary for each Hero, explaining our changes and goals, don't you worry. And we'll also still be covering all of the other cool stuff that we add in each game update.

Speaking of, the V0.12.2 Game Update is shipping with a bunch of changes to projectiles which we think are a blast. We're also helping out those who are newer to Predecessor with a small XP boost to make the new player experience a little more rewarding.

That's enough babbling on for now though - let's jump right in to next week's game update!

Projectile Improvements

Take cover Champions, the long awaited projectile rework is here! 

Howitzer Projectiles


Almost all projectiles in the game have been completely rebuilt from the ground up to pretty much guarantee perfect and consistent basic attacks every time. Likewise, other special case abilities, such as Gideon’s Void Breach [RMB], are now much easier to smooth out on our end which means they'll feel much better and more consistent to use in-game too!

With a change as large as this there are naturally far too many modifications to list out on a Hero-by-Hero basis. So instead of boring you with a long list of minor details we’re letting you dive right on in to try out our changes for yourselves.

Of course, with any large system change such as this there will always be a potential risk for fallout and bugs affecting gameplay and balance. Rest assured, further tweaks will be made to any problem cases where required. Keep the feedback coming and we hope you'll enjoy!

New Accounts Experience Boost

Let’s talk about new accounts! 

Off the back of introducing our recent Hero Acquisition system, we have been hard at work on alternative ways to improve the new player experience with additional onboarding systems.

Though it may not be arriving this year, one such initiative we are working on is a Quest system. One of the goals of Quests will be to further support the onboarding process by offering rewards for completing various objectives with a Hero, simultaneously developing gameplay knowledge for newer Predecessor players whilst helping them build up their Hero arsenal at a slightly accelerated rate.

In the meantime however we've added an XP boost to new accounts, offering them a little extra Hero Unlock XP at the end of a match (until they hit Account Level 14), to better help them along on their journey!

Store Update

Casual Friday Rampage

If, like Rampage, you've got that Friday Feeling - we've got the perfect skin for you!

Rampage Casual Friday Wallpaper

Rampage’s new Casual Friday skin [common] is available with V0.12.2. Pants are optional but definitely recommended - it's cold out there after all!

Player Support

Despite our best efforts, every now and then you might encounter a bug while playing Predecessor. You might run into an account problem, have had some connectivity issues, or perhaps you've found a hilarious new graphical glitch that replaces Narbash's drumsticks with literal chicken drumsticks. Anything can happen in an Early Access game.

With that in mind we're excited to launch our new Player Support Hub here on our new website, the new home for all things help!

Read through a bunch of articles covering all sorts of exciting topics, from wrongful mutes to finding game logs, and if you're still up the creek you can easily submit a support ticket directly to the team for even more support.

With the Player Support Hub being so new we fully expect that not every issue is going to be covered by the articles we've written up ahead of time, so please check back regularly for more help on more topics. Likewise please be patient and considerate when sending in support tickets. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Go explore our new Player Support Hub now!

Predecessor Newsletter

With console just around the corner, we've made it easier than ever to sign up to get the latest Predecessor news delivered straight to your inbox.

Head over to our Newsletter Page now to be the first to hear about upcoming PlayStation news and more!

Hero changes


Given Crunch’s overall mobility arising from his double dash, he currently possesses too much baseline Movement Speed and can prove overly difficult to hunt down, even when he’s caught out of position. To reduce this, we’re granting him slightly less Movement Speed.

  • Movement Speed has been decreased from 685 to 680.


Some quick hits to Dekker’s early game pressure via base stats as she currently finds too much success in early basic attack trades due to her inherent safety and damage. In exchange, we’re granting Dekker some additional uptime on Stasis Bomb to help her feel slightly less tied to stacking Ability Haste.

  • Health Regen has changed from:

    • 1.5 to 1.2 at level 1.

Energy Orb
Energy Orb
  • Basic Armor has changed from:

    • 28 to 25 at level 1.

  • Damage has changed from:

    • 54 to 52 at level 1.

Stasis Bomb
Stasis Bomb
  • Cooldown has changed from:

    • 18 to 17 at level 1.

    • 17 to 16 at level 2.

    • 16 to 15 at level 3.

    • 15 to 14 at level 4.

    • 14 to 13 at level 5.


Similar to Dekker, Drongo's early game pressure and ability to shove allows him to coast through lanes, and due to the uptime on Boomerang, windows of punishment are few and far between. Some hits to this early strength will provide his opponents more opportunities to punish him between casts should he get too reckless.

  • Health has changed from:

    • 620 to 605 at level 1.

  • Max Health has changed from:

    • 620 to 605 at level 1.

Old Rusty
Old Rusty
  • Cooldown has changed from:

    • 10.5 to 11 at level 2.

    • 9 to 10 at level 3.

    • 7.5 to 9 at level 4.

    • 6 to 8 at level 5.


Gadget’s ability to kite and/or Slow opponents from excessive distances can prove too overbearing so we’re dropping the range on her Seek And Destroy to ensure she has to risk getting closer in fights if she wishes to contribute fully.

Seek And Destroy
Seek And Destroy
  • Range decreased by 15%.


The ‘Stone has a hard time keeping up with many mobile Heroes in the offlane, and in many matchups his Leap’s cooldown is on parity with other dashes, giving him no real way to pressure Heroes such as Sevarog, Shinbi, and Zarus, who can all immediately dash away from him.

To help with this, we’re granting Greystone the ability to reduce his Leap cooldown when jumping on a Hero. This allows him access to a second Leap faster when using it aggressively, thereby catching his foes on cooldown with more success!

◆ Dealing damage to an enemy Hero with Assault The Gates now refunds 35% of the Cooldown (once per cast).

Assault The Gates
Assault The Gates
  • Cost has changed from:

    • 60 to 70 at level 1-5.


A subtle nudge to Kira’s Dusk ability to provide it with more upfront damage at a single stack, making her better able to take short trades if she chooses, in exchange for the associated mana cost.

Likewise, while it won’t affect her much in her conventional loops, the duration on Kira’s Passive has been slightly decreased to provide less moments of confusion and frustration for opponents who managed to escape her, just to die to a last-minute Dusk hit.

  • Duration has changed from:

    • 4 to 3.5 at level 1-18.

  • Base Damage has changed from:

    • 30 to 40 at level 1.

    • 35 to 55 at level 2.

    • 40 to 70 at level 3.

    • 45 to 85 at level 4.

    • 50 to 100 at level 5.

  • Damage has changed from:

    • 10 to 9 at level 1.

    • 15 to 13 at level 2.

    • 20 to 17 at level 3.

    • 25 to 21 at level 4.

    • 30 to 25 at level 5.

  • Max Damage has changed from:

    • 90 to 94 at level 1.

    • 125 to 133 at level 2.

    • 160 to 172 at level 3.

    • 195 to 211 at level 4.

    • 230 to 250 at level 5.


Morigesh’s Basic Attack Projectile Spawn is now better synced with her animation under the new Projectile behaviour.


Some SFX improvements for the ‘Dock!


Another touch up to a basic attack animation timing, as well as a  quick bugfix for Alacrity so that it no longer visually disappears mid-air, allowing you to better appreciate those long-range lobs!


Narbash is punished heavily for missing a Thunk during the lane phase, and has a hard time keeping the pressure up on opponents outside of his Heals. To help him have a smoother transition throughout the laning phase (and not feel so passive), we’re granting some early cooldown buffs to his Thunk. In exchange, he’s receiving some durability reductions while Channelling his Ultimate, making CC slightly less of a “must” when dealing with his Crash Bang Boom! as there is a better chance of slaying him with focus fire before he gets it off.

  • Cooldown has changed from:

    • 17 to 15 at level 1.

    • 16 to 14.5 at level 2.

    • 15 to 14 at level 3.

    • 14 to 13.5 at level 4.


Alongside tuning up the timings of her basic attacks and Psychic Flare, we’re giving Phase a slightly faster Basic Attack Timer so that she can benefits more from Attack Speed boosts, such as her Ultimate or Marshal!

Pulse Bolt
Pulse Bolt
  • Basic Attack Time has been decreased from 1.4 to 1.25.


As a result of his high skill-ceiling, Wraith’s strength can feel rather polarising. On the one hand, he hits extremely hard when ahead and can feel difficult to interact with without taking heavy damage from his Snipe combo. On the other, if Wraith falls behind he can feel like a sitting duck and struggle to keep pace. 

To help smooth out Wraith’s curve and make him less prone to a feast or famine dynamic we’re increasing some of his baseline Carry strength with increases to his Physical Power throughout a match, and granting him some extra Physical Penetration at rank 1 of his Surprise, Surprise (which he often levels last anyway). Likewise, we’re dropping some of Wraith’s Scalings on his abilities to ensure his upfront burst is more reasonable and will not snowball as hard with a gold lead, alongside cutting some of his baseline Magical Armor to reduce his effectiveness in lane against Mages.

  • Ability Armor has changed from:

    • 30 to 28 at level 1.

  • Damage has changed from:

    • 2.12 to 2.54 at level 2.

    • 2.17 to 2.60 at level 3.

    • 2.21 to 2.66 at level 4.

    • 2.26 to 2.71 at level 5.

    • 2.31 to 2.77 at level 6.

    • 2.35 to 2.83 at level 7.

    • 2.40 to 2.88 at level 8.

    • 2.45 to 2.94 at level 9.

    • 2.5 to 3 at level 10.

    • 2.54 to 3.05 at level 11.

    • 2.59 to 3.11 at level 12.

    • 2.64 to 3.16 at level 13.

    • 2.68 to 3.22 at level 14.

    • 2.73 to 3.28 at level 15.

    • 2.78 to 3.33 at level 16.

    • 2.82 to 3.39 at level 17.

    • 2.87 to 3.45 at level 18.


Knock, Knock!
Knock, Knock!
  • Total PP Scaling has changed from:

    • 0.95 to 0.9 at level 1-5.

Surprise, Surprise!
Surprise, Surprise!
  • Physical Penetration has changed from:

    • 0.92 to 0.9 at level 1.

    • 0.89 to 0.87 at level 2.

    • 0.86 to 0.85 at level 3.

    • 0.83 to 0.82 at level 4.

Item changes


A quick hit to the Physical Power of Witchstalker given its strength as a defensive option.

  • Attack Damage has been decreased from 12 to 10.


Physical Junglers can sometimes struggle to keep pace in the clearing department compared to Tanks and Mages due to their lower Burn damage. We’re granting Hunt slightly more Physical Power Scaling to ensure the Burn damage is more relevant and in closer contention with other classes for Assassins and Bruisers.

  • Bonus Physical Power Scaling has been increased from 0.05 to 0.08.

Soul Chalice

Less Haste to lower Chalice’s initial strength on pick-up.

  • Cooldown Reduction has been decreased from 0.1 to 0.05.


Mindrazor serves as too strong of a catch-all item, granting scaling alongside a ton of Haste. We’re nudging it down to ensure abilities aren't spammed as frequently by its users, given it already provides ample wave clear and scaling throughout a match.

  • Cooldown Reduction has been decreased from 0.2 to 0.15.

Bug Fixes

Additional bug fixes may be added before the update is released.

  • Fixed a bug where Wraith’s Back It UP! [R] VFX would not display upon death.

  • Fixed a bug where Howitzer’s R2000 [Q] was spawning from the incorrect socket.

  • Fixed a bug in Practice Mode where Steel would call it a day after repeat deaths and just... disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where Shinbi’s Line Tempo Wolf [Q] would visually disappear for the user.

  • Fixed a bug where users could type into the Crest prompt window.

  • Fixed a bug causing some Emotes to play incorrectly in the Victory Cinematic.

  • Fixed a bug where Zarus would basic attack automatically after using Spear Of Nyr [RMB].

  • Fixed a bug where basic attacks would automatically trigger when an ability was interrupted.

  • Fixed a bug where equip tick markers would not disappear on the Hero Affinity screen when no longer hovered. 

  • Fixed a bug where equipping unlocks from the Hero Affinity rewards would be delayed.

  • Fixed a bug where prompts would not show on the Hero Affinity track on Controller.

  • Fixed a bug where Friends List navigation would disappear on Controller.

  • Fixed a bug where attempts at unlocking a Hero would show the incorrect prompt on Controller

  • Fixed a bug causing linework to be missing on the “Add Friend” prompt.

That's everything this time Champions, what do you think?

Let us know your feedback over on our Discord server or the Predecessor Subreddit.

Until next time!

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