PlayStation Closed Beta | What You Need To Know
PlayStation Closed Beta | What You Need To Know

PlayStation Closed Beta | What You Need To Know

Grab your DualSense controllers Champions, sign-ups are now officially open for the Predecessor PlayStation Closed Beta!

Without further ado let's jump into everything you need to know about our upcoming PlayStation Closed Beta.

Why do a Closed Beta?

We understand that any number of bugs and issues can arise when scaling a game up and launching it on an entirely new platform, so we want to minimise as many potential problems as we can to deliver you the smoothest possible first experience on console.

The Closed Beta will allow us to control the inflow of new players, letting us gradually increase the population without overloading our servers. Additionally it makes it easier for us to track, monitor and fix issues as they come up, leading to a more stable and enjoyable experience for everyone during the Closed Beta period and beyond.

The Closed Beta timeline.

The following is our timeline for the Closed Beta.




Closed Beta sign-ups open.

Players can sign up via our website to receive a key for when the public Closed Beta launches.

November 13th, 2023

Private Closed Beta begins.

The Closed Beta opens exclusively for a limited number of invitees.

November 20th, 2023

Public Closed Beta begins.

The Public Closed Beta opens for all players who have received a game key as a result of signing up.
Keys will be distributed in waves until the Closed Beta closes.

December 5th, 2023

Public Closed Beta sign-ups close.

Our website will no longer allow you to sign up or request keys for the Closed Beta.

January 26th, 2024

The Closed Beta closes.

Players will no longer be able to take part in the Closed Beta.

January 29th, 2024

Why not open the Closed Beta to the public straight away?

This initial period of limited access from November 20th is to allow us to properly test our servers and game systems on the PlayStation platform more thoroughly before we fully open the floodgates on December 5th. It is also important to us that we are able to offer a period of exclusivity to select staff, friends, family members, content creators and a small number of journalists in accordance with our wider marketing strategy and as thanks for their ongoing support.

The Closed Beta will close on January 5th, 2024.

Who is eligible for the Closed Beta?

During this Closed Beta, only players in the EU and NA regions will be able to participate. We have keys for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms and you must specify both your region and your platform when you sign-up for the Closed Beta.

How many people can take part?

Our goal is to get everyone who signs up into the Closed Beta, but doing so soonest is the best way to get involved.

How do I take part?

In order to take part you must navigate to the PlayStation Closed Beta page of our website and complete the sign-up form, specifying your region and system requirements and agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Once you have signed up, and once the Closed Beta has begun and is available to the public, we will be emailing game keys out in waves. After receiving your game key, simply follow these instructions to redeem it to your PlayStation account.

How will key distribution work?

We'll be sending out keys for the Closed Beta in waves, starting on December 5th. This is so that we can safely increase the volume of players interacting with our systems while minimising potential problems such as server capacity.

While we expect to be able to welcome everyone into the Closed Beta who wants to participate, we understand that many of you will want to be among the first to receive keys. With this in mind, we will be utilising a queue system, assigning you a position based on how early you sign up after registration opens and the number of referrals you make.

You can refer friends and family to move up your position in the queue.

Once you've signed up, you'll be given a unique link. For every person who also signs up using your unique link, you will move up the queue. There is no limit to the amount of people who you can refer.

Be sure to share your unique link with as many people as you can to move up the queue and grab your Closed Beta key in an earlier wave!

Do I need PS+ in order to play?


Does the Closed Beta support cross-play?

Yes! PlayStation players will be able to play with Steam and Epic players. You will be able to add friends, join lobbies and match with any other player, regardless of platform.

Will my progress from PC be carried over?

Unfortunately not. You will not be able to carry over any progression from existing accounts.

Will my account progression be saved after the Closed Beta?

Currently it is our intention to preserve account data after the Closed Beta, allowing you to jump right back into the action when we launch on PlayStation in the future. This may be subject to change.

What if I make purchases or progress on PlayStation but I already have an account on PC?

As is currently the case on Epic Games and Steam, installing and playing on a new platform such as PlayStation during the Closed Beta will be treated as a brand new account. When account linking is released, you will be forced to pick which account becomes the master account and is preserved, with any additional accounts (and their purchases and progression) being left behind. This may be subject to change.

What Heroes, skins and features will I have access to?

The Closed Beta will launch with nearly all Heroes enabled and ready to use, with a couple of extra Heroes being available on free rotation at various points during the Closed Beta period (such as Wraith and the upcoming V0.13 Hero). The Store, Platinum currency and all cosmetics will be available to interact with also, just like on PC.

What if I have a problem relating to the Closed Beta? Such as a bug while playing or an issue redeeming my key?

If you encounter any unexpected behaviour, bugs, glitches or account problems during the Closed Beta period, please visit our Support Hub where you can find self-help articles and a way to contact us for further support.

How can I provide feedback during the Closed Beta?

During the Closed Beta your feedback is crucial in helping us identify issues, fix bugs, and generally deliver the best experience possible for PlayStation players.

If you have feedback, both positive or negative, we invite you to join our Discord server and leave your thoughts in the Feedback Forum.

We'll be updating this blog answering more questions as they come up, so please check back regularly. Furthermore if you have any questions that aren't covered here please reach out to a member of the Omeda Studios Community Team on our Discord server.

Thanks for reading - we'll see you on console!

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