Steam Bundle Changes
Steam Bundle Changes

Steam Bundle Changes

Greetings Champions!

As we speed towards the one year anniversary of Predecessor’s Early Access we’re tackling a topic that we know has been much discussed ever since we first launched late last year.

When we launched, we made the decision to include the Predecessor base game inside each of the three available DLC bundles, Rare, Epic and Legendary, with the bundles themselves being necessary to join our Early Access program. This meant that every bundle contained the base game, but the base game itself was never actually available on its own. At the time this solution allowed us to offer clear tiers of support and rewards, as well as the opportunity for you to flexibly upgrade your bundle if you wanted to mix things up (something we knew we had to have and will of course continue to support).

We understand however that the way this was implemented was never really perfect. For one it complicated the Steam refund process, a problem that we have since overcome but was a source of real frustration for many. Secondly (and most significantly), we believe that, with the way Steam works, many of you who wishlisted Predecessor on Steam before we launched into Early Access last year might have never received a notification that the game had become available, as the base version of the game was never technically purchasable. That’s potentially a bunch of Pred fans who might be missing out! A right muddle indeed.

To sort this all out we’re making the base game purchasable on its own, without the need for any fancy bundles (unless you want them of course!). Not only will this resolve both of the above points, but it also means we can offer Predecessor at our lowest price to date; only $8.99 to get in on the Early Access fun!

You can check out this awesome new deal over on Steam now.

This new version of the game includes ten of our favourite Heroes fully unlocked and ready to go, alongside a brand new and exclusive skin, Construction Steel!


Like in our other tiers you’ll also get an exclusive role reward on our Discord server for supporting us during Early Access (to be delivered at a later date alongside Account linking) and you’ll be able to unlock any additional Heroes and all future Heroes by simply playing the game.

For those of you who already own a Rare, Epic or Legendary bundle, nothing should change for you. Except of course that you also now have the new Constructor Steel skin! Check your inventory, it should be there right now!

We'd also like to confirm that if you would rather purchase a one of the more premium bundles to support us further you still can. The base game will continue to be included in these bundles and if you do upgrade later the base game will be knocked off the price. Excellent!

We’re positive that this decision will help make the game more accessible than ever, while resolving some of the core problems we’ve faced in the Steam bundle system. Right now these changes are only being made on Steam, with other platforms to be reviewed further down the line.

Thank you for your continued support.

~ The Omeda Studios Team