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How Does Hero Acquisition Work in Predecessor?

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How Does Hero Acquisition Work in Predecessor?

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When you're just starting, a selection of 8 Heroes is always available for free for everyone to use. There are always options regardless of the role you'll be taking on. If you purchased a bundle, you'll have some extra Heroes unlocked straight away.

If you want to have a bigger selection, all the Heroes can be unlocked by gameplay.

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In the Heroes tab screen, you can pick any Hero you want to start unlocking - it doesn’t need to be the one you’ll be playing with.
Once you’ve made your pick, press “Activate Hero” and you will start gaining XP towards fully unlocking them by playing the game. You can also change your decision anytime and switch to someone else.

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Unlocking can be done in any order. You may commit to unlocking everyone or work to curate a smaller roster of your favorites.  

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Heroes have different amounts of unlock stages. New ones will always require 5 stages to unlock, but over time this amount might decrease. Older characters can cost between 1 and 4 stages. 

When you have gained enough XP by playing matches to complete all unlock stages of a Hero, you will permanently own them in your collection.


Heroes can also be purchased for Platinum. The price is dynamic, decreasing by 200 Platinum for every previously completed unlock stage.


New Heroes become available to unlock a week before their release. What that means, is you're able to select them and begin working on unlocking them 7 days in advance.

Earn enough XP and you'll have the new Hero unlocked and ready to play the instant they're released!

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There are currently 33 Heroes you can play with in Predecessor.


The newest one, set to arrive on January 16th, 2024, is Kwang. Play now to unlock this powerful new Hero!

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