Season 2 Rewards
Season 2 Rewards

Season 2 Rewards

As we look ahead to Season 2 drawing to a close, we wanted to fully reveal the skin rewards that we promised for reaching both Level 20 and Level 30!

As promised at the start of the Season, we’ve taken some of your favourite Heroes and given them a glitzy lick of paint to help them match this Season’s theme of Ascension.

That’s not all however! We also have some exciting news about an additional reward (also Omeda-original) that you can unlock for going above and beyond the current reward cap of 35!

Let’s get into it!


Level 20 Reward - Ascended Narbash

We’re not too sure if drums truly are the instruments of the gods, but that’s not stopping Narbash from rocking a more refined look than usual!


If you’ve reached Level 20 by the end of Season 2 you’ll receive the Ascended Narbash skin, in all his gilded glory! Now there’s nothing stopping you from hitting those high notes!


Level 30 Reward - Ascended The Fey

Sup the nectar of the gods and embody their power, with The Fey’s new Ascended skin!


Reach Level 30 before the end of Season 2 to unlock the fancy Ascended The Fey skin! Flutter by your enemies in godly glister!


NEW: Level 40 Reward - Ascended Sparrow

With Season 2 being extended to ensure a our next original Hero gets the deific grandeur he deserves, we wanted to reward those of you who are still playing past the originally confirmed reward cap of Level 35.

We’ve created a new skin recolour for Sparrow, who will be available to anyone who reaches Level 40 or beyond by the end of the Season!


We don’t want to give everything away today though, so look forward to seeing the Ascended Sparrow skin a little later on!


Season 2 End Date & Season 3

With V0.10 and Lizard just around the corner we can finally start to think about Season 3, or more specifically when you can expect it.

We currently expect Season 2 to end when the game servers go down on September 5th, for the V0.11 Game Update. Season 3 will begin immediately following this update.

We’ll be sharing our Season 3 roadmap shortly before this time, so watch this space for more!



Thank you for your continued patience and support!

We hope you love these new skins for our classic Heroes as much as we do, and we hope you’ll continue to push to Level 40 and beyond before the end of the Season.

~ The Predecessor Team