Early Access Roadmap: The Hunt Begins!
Early Access Roadmap: The Hunt Begins!

Early Access Roadmap: The Hunt Begins!

Early Access Roadmap: The Hunt Begins!

Hey everyone, we are excited to share our Early Access Roadmap! This blog post will provide details on the different parts of the roadmap. We have also included a small update regarding console and our plans for the future. Thank you for joining us on this journey and we hope you are as excited for Predecessor's future as we are.
─ alex, Lead Game Designer


In order to be more transparent about our commitments, we have decided to break up Early Access into Seasons. The first season began on December 1st when we launched and will run until the end of March. Stay tuned for updates and more information.

Shortly after Season 1 ends on March 31st 2023, players will receive rewards based on their player level at the end of the season. This is our way of thanking players for their time and dedication to Predecessor during the early stages of Early Access, while we work on implementing progression systems in-game.


We will have two exclusive icons for your player account avatar, to commemorate your time spent playing the game in this early stage.


You will have the opportunity to earn a Countess and a Huntress skin, both of which are currently in development. These skins will be available for purchase in the game's shop in the future, so don't miss out on the chance to be one of the first to have them in your collection!


From level 50, players will gain 300 Coins for every 10 levels they gain until they reach level 300.


As Robbie announced in the ‘Predecessor: Early Access & Beyond’ video, we will be releasing a new hero every month. Along with each new hero release, we will be doing balance patches to ensure the best possible gameplay experience. If we feel that the current balance cadence is not sufficient, we will increase the frequency of these patches.


Additionally, as a special holiday treat, everyone who wins at least one game between December 22nd 2022 and January 9th 2023 will receive a Winterfest present.

As part of the Roadmap, we want to share some of the content we are currently working on. While we can't guarantee that everything on this list will be delivered, it represents our current goals and aspirations. We are always open to feedback from the community and will adjust our feature list accordingly. Please note that the items on this list are not presented in any particular order.

Public API
We want to support community-driven projects, so making game information available is high on our list of priorities.

Creep Score Bounties
Predecessor already provides additional gold when a team is able to kill a hero who is on a kill streak. With "Creep Score Bounties" we look to expand this system and provide players additional gold when getting kills on targets who are far ahead in creep score.

Match End Details
A set of screens at the end of a match where a player can review their performance against their teams and the enemy team. Social interaction will also be available here like adding a friend or reporting a player.

Player Reporting and AFK Punishments
Players will be able to report other players in-game. Additional players that AFK or disconnect will receive automatic short-term queue bans that increase in length the more games a player AFKs in.

Tutorial V1
We will be adding version one of our tutorial so we can start onboarding players better. We will be improving and expanding it throughout Early Access and afterwards.

Store (Skins)
The store will be the place players can spend their Coins to buy skins. We will start with skins but expand the type of content we sell over time.

Profile Account Icons
This will allow players to select from a range of icons to customize their account. Including the icons gained from the Early Access bundles.

Solo Vs AI Game Mode
We have been working on our AI system for a while and V1 for this feature is nearly finished, in this mode players will be able to play and practice against AI opponents.

Fangtooth Buff Improvements
We will be spicing up the fangtooth buffs so that the objective has more depth and greater comeback potential.

Competitive Nights
This will be a space where our competitive players can play and compete. This will only be available at limited times, to ensure we do not permanently split our queues and will allow us to find a good balance between queue times and competitive spaces.

Custom Games
Players will be able to enter a custom key and queue up into a custom game with their friends. To start with we will just support 5v5 but we plan to expand the system over time to be more versatile.

Spectator mode & replays
Players will be able to watch "live" matches as well as playback previously played matches.

Bug Fixes
Every patch will have bug fixes in it, we want Predecessor to be a polished experience so we will always work to address issues.

Quality of Life Improvements (QoL)
There are a lot of small things that will improve some part of the experience for someone, and we aim to add these types of change as often as possible.

Addressing Community Feedback
This is why we are in early access! We will adjust our priorities based on your feedback so that together we can build the best version of Predecessor.

While we are still unable to provide a timeline for the release of the console version at this time, we can confirm that Predecessor will feature cross-progression meaning skins and heroes unlocked will be accessible from any platform of your choice.

We will continue to share updates on our progress and will provide a timeline for the release of the console version when we are able to do so.

Our plan is to do a second season during Early Access. We are not sure how long it will last but we will use it to continue adding features, we are considering things like in-game player progression, match history, iterations to the map as well as exploring options for ranked play. We know it will be focused around our second Predecessor hero currently in development. Keep an eye on socials for more information next year and see if you can achieve ascension in Season 2.

● As you progress through the game and reach higher levels, you may notice that the number of coins you can earn is capped. This is to provide a more balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.
● The company reserves the right to change the content of rewards offered to players.
● The company reserves the right to not distribute rewards to players if there is any suspected activity that undermines the integrity of the game.
● These terms and conditions are subject to change to ensure that the game remains fair and fun for all players.
By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing our game!