Predecessor Hotfix v0.1.1
Predecessor Hotfix v0.1.1

Predecessor Hotfix v0.1.1

Hotfix 0.1.1 is now live! We've relocated the Asia Matchmaking Server to South East Asia to improve latency and gameplay stability for our APAC players alongside other fixes. Please make sure to verify your region in the settings menu.

Predecessor: Hotfix v0.1.1

Region Update
▪ Swapped Asia server location from Seoul to SEA Singapore to better service our APAC players

▪ Fixed a rare in-game crash related to jumping in certain situations
▪ Fixed a crash related to keybindings that could happen at any point
▪ Fixed an issue where the surrender cooldown broke after the first surrender failed
▪ Fixed an issue where matchmaking sometimes wouldn't start after returning to the main menu
▪ Fixed an issue where players were able to play without owning any bundles after receiving the base game through an EGS release bug