Predecessor Hotfix V.0.4.4
Predecessor Hotfix V.0.4.4

Predecessor Hotfix V.0.4.4

Hotfix V.0.4.4 is now live.

Since releasing 0.4.3 earlier this week we’ve seen a huge shake-up in the meta and general builds. It’s been great to see classes like Assassins and ADCs having much better pacing than before, with the exception of some outliers such as Kingbane and Bonesaw. These items were definitely over-tuned in the last patch and as such they’ve been hurting build diversity and the overall enjoyment of the game.

With that in mind, today we’re looking to make some quick adjustments here to tackle some of the larger problems that have arisen thanks to community feedback. More changes will of course come in time, but for now we want to sort out the outliers listed above as well as address Crunch and Wellspring. We’re hoping these changes lead to a more exciting playground in the item shop without as many items feeling too important to pick up due to their overloaded stats.

We also hear you on current Time To Kill (TTK) and the Tank item issues. Over the course of Season 2 we’ll be looking to increase the TTK and slow down combat a tad, but also work to make Tanks feel more relevant again. We’d also like to start promoting build paths for both Sevarog and Rampage to play frontline for their teams, as well as find a better place for Steel. These changes will focus on their survivability and ability to disrupt whilst tuning their base damage accordingly. We don’t want to remove the ability to build like a Bruiser on these Heroes however, so changes we make will try to keep those paths open. With this in mind, itemisation for Tanks will be key - and a big topic for the Omeda Studios balance team going forward.

We thank you all of course for your patience and for your quick and thorough feedback on these topics so that we can take quick action to fix up these larger outliers.

Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend!





With the new Augmentation adjustments and a larger array of items that he can choose from, Crunch has been seeing a bit too much success lately, often taking over games very quickly. To tackle this, we’re hitting his itemization whilst also decreasing his damage in the mid-late game as well as slowing down his extremely fast jungle clear.

◆ Left Crunch Physical Power Scaling decreased from 130% to 120%.
◆ Left Crunch Cleave decreased from 80% to 50%.
◆ Forward Crunch Physical Power Scaling decreased from 90% to 75%.




With ADCs now able to amplify and stack on-hit effects more easily, Muriel has become much more effective in the earlier stages of the game. A lot of this is due to Wellspring being over-tuned, but we’re also going to bump down her largest shield to allow players better opportunities to engage on her or her ADC in lane.

◆ Consecrated Ground Shield decreased from 110/165/220/275/330 to 100/150/200/250/300.






Breach came in fairly overloaded when combined with on-hit itemisation. We’re removing its ramping pen passive and keeping it as a dedicated anti-armor option for all classes of ADCs.

◆ Percent Physical Penetration decreased from 25% to 20%.
◆ Splinter On-hit Scaling decreased from 35% to 30%.
◆ Sylvian Steel Passive removed.




Kingsbane has become the next Sky Splitter, in that it was being built by everyone due to its general stat overload. These changes should make it less appealing as a first pick up, but still a viable sustain option for ADCs.

◆ Physical Power decreased from 55 to 40.
◆ Chaos Scaling decreased from 15% to 10%
◆ Order Scaling decreased from 15% to 10%.




Now that Viper is more accessible and due to Corrode being easier to stack than ever, we’re decreasing the potency of Viper’s critical strike enhancement. This will help it feel less oppressive on those mid-late game builds.

◆ Diligence Passive Bonus Critical Strike Damage decreased from 15% to 10%.





Augmentation has been seeing success on multiple Heroes and overall it's been dealing a bit too much damage. We’re tackling this, while also dialling down its health a smidge to maintain its identity as a damage-oriented pick up for Bruisers.

◆ Health decreased from 300 to 250.
◆ True Strike Scaling decreased from 60% to 50%.




Bonesaw has been a terror on both ADC and Bruiser builds. To combat this we’re removing its lifesteal and lowering its power. This means it’ll still be a strong pick up for Bruisers like Grux, whilst removing its appeal for abuse in other roles.

◆ Physical Power decreased from 25 to 20.
◆ Lifesteal removed.
◆ Recipe changed from Bulky Emerald+Crimson Edge+Bulky Emerald changed to Bulky Emerald+Sabre+Bulky Emerald.




Legacy needed a little more power due to its components and build paths, so we’re taking some out of its passive and placing it in the base stat-line. We’re also decreasing its effectiveness at dealing crowd control as its currently too effective when combined with high-sustain builds.

◆ Physical Power increased from 35 to 40.
◆ Tenacity decreased from 30% to 15%.
◆ Tenacious Bravery CC Immunity Duration decreased from 5s to 3s.
◆ Tenacious Bravery Cooldown increased from 90s to 120s.
◆ Resolute Physical Power decreased from 30 to 20.





Last week we fixed Wellspring and since then, well, everyone’s been able to witness it in all its glory. This item has made Heroes like Muriel and Narbash extremely strong at keeping their teammates alive and was turning non-healing supports into threats that actively required anti-heal. This was too much so we’re bumping down the values on both of its passives.

◆ Vital Waters Base Healing decreased from 40 to 20.
◆ Vital Waters Healing Scaling decreased from 20% to 10%.
◆ Soothing Waters Healing decreased from 15% of targets maximum health to 10% of targets maximum health.



Void Helm:


Void Helm has felt a little inefficient and has become too reliant on its passive for value. We’re giving it a small bump up to make it feel a bit better vs combinations of mages and on-hit builds.

◆ Magical Armor increased from 25 to 30.


Warden’s Faith:


Warden’s Faith can be hard to access due to its awkward build path and high cost. We’re helping it out a bit here so that Tanks feel like they can more easily acquire it as crit ADCs build up leads.

◆ Cost decreased from 3200 to 3000.