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Mysterious Notes
Mysterious Notes

Mysterious Notes

The following transcripts were discovered on a recent trade visit to Rowark.

Engineer’s log: thirteen hundred and two.

The people of Rowark kid themselves if they think this is it.

Mining colonies such as these weren’t built to extract such meagre scraps of metal and ore. It’s humiliating. The surface world laughs at us behind our backs, only coming down each month to trade our dreggs out of pity or perhaps amusement, like a condescending parent entertaining a child’s fantasies.

The irony isn’t lost on me that my fellows treat me in much the same way, indulging my fantasies of innovation. They think I’m a fool, balking at my ideas and dismissing me as a madman. Yet they’re quick to silence when I embarrass their paltry mining methods with my inventions.

They’re pathetic. Each and every one of them.

The only reason I haven’t left is because I must prove them wrong.

I must humble them.

My latest design is nearly complete, and with it I shall revolutionise excavation forever.

0Hmx Crystal Website-Skin

I’ve heard word that when the traders visit tomorrow I shall be meeting with another supposed genius who’s eager to see my work. I protested of course, but I know that those in power are toying with me. They thrive on Discord.

I work quicker alone, unrestrained by the meek of mind who lag behind me. The least I can hope for is someone who will stay the hells out of my way until their visit is over and their putrid trade caravans leave for the surface once more.

Who knows? Maybe this bright spark they’re sending me may actually prove useful. It’s been so long since I’ve worked with a surface dweller.

I’m closer than ever to a breakthrough. I can feel it. The pieces are coming together, one by one.

The perfect fusion of magic and machine.

In addition to these notes, our team have discovered and pieced together hundreds of shredded remains of ruined diagrams and schematics. The result of their work, and the recovered audio file that it led to, can be found here.