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What To Do When My Game Is Crashing?

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What To Do When My Game Is Crashing?

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If you're experiencing game crashes while playing Predecessor, please make sure that:
  • That your game, platform, OS, and GPU and CPU drivers are up to date.
  • No other CPU-taxing software is running in the background (recording and video or image editing programs are often the culprit).
  • Make sure that your visual settings match the capabilities of your GPU. (the minimum and recommended game requirements can be found here)
When your game crashes, you should be prompted by the program to send a crash report. We strongly encourage you to do so! This means we'll receive information about your crash in our system and be able to analyze it straight away.

If for whatever reason you don't get that pop-up, you can manually navigate to this folder on your PC:


Select the most recent file (make sure to double-check the date and time it was generated), turn it into a zip file, and attach it to your ticket.

What if there's no matching crash log in my folder?
Then it's possible that what you experienced wasn't exactly a crash, but some issue might have turned the game off. In such a case, please grab a regular game log and make sure to attach it while submitting a ticket.


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