An update on Competitive Nights
An update on Competitive Nights

An update on Competitive Nights

Greetings Champions, it's alex, Lead Game Designer, and today I have an update for you regarding the recently launched Competitive Nights feature and our plans for this content going forwards.

For the time being we are disabling the Competitive Nights Event. We intend for this to be a temporary change.

As you know, our goals for Competitive Nights was to provide a weekly event for teams of 5 players to compete against each other on the Europe and NA East servers. It was designed to offer a competitive matchmaking experience where players could compete for a spot on the weekly leaderboard.

We have been closely monitoring player interaction with Competitive Nights, and we appreciate everyone who has taken part in the event so far. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we've identified several areas where we can improve and optimize the feature.

Taking your insights on board, we will be making some changes before we reintroduce the event. Our ultimate goal is to deliver an engaging and exciting experience that is truly enjoyable for all participants.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

- alex, Lead Game Designer