The Hunt | Community Competition!
The Hunt | Community Competition!

The Hunt | Community Competition!



Kira: 79.86%
Countess: 20.14%

🎉 Congratulations Team Kira! 🏹

Scoring a whopping 176,862 total kills and a landslide victory, this Shadow Huntress will be receiving a brand new Profile Icon in-game that everyone can use! Keep an eye on future updates for when this is added.

Thank you to everyone for taking part! We'll be expanding and improving community events in the future to make them more accessible and exciting, so keep an eye out for more ways to get involved!

Last updated | 31/03/2023 @ 12.00 GMT


Are you a hunter? Or the hunted?

Pick your side in Predecessor's first ever Community Event, joining #TeamKira or #TeamCountess as you fight to see which of these deadly Heroes is number one!

Playing as your favourite of these two Heroes, score as many kills as you can before the event ends. Whichever Hero earns the most kills during the event will have an exclusive in-game Profile Icon themed after them added to the game!

We'll be updating this blog each day with the latest statistics as well as sharing up to date scoreboards on our social media platforms.

Pick your side and work together with your fellow teammates to dominate the hunt!


Event Details:
Where: International, In-game
Game Mode: Player VS Player Mode
Event Start: 24/03/2023 @ 16.00 GMT
Event End:  31/03/2023 @ 12.00 GMT
How To Take Part: Play matches as either Kira or Countess, trying to get as many kills as possible!
Reward: A new Profile Icon themed after the Hero who scored the most kills overall will be added to the game!


Additional Information:
- Omeda Studios reserves the right to cancel or amend the event at any time.
- Everyone will be able to claim the event reward, regardless of who you play as during the event.
- The Event Reward will be made available during S2, after the event has concluded.
- Score is determined and displayed as a percentage of total kills earned by both Heroes since the event began.
- Data used to monitor and judge this event comes from official matchmaking data. Data is accurate to +/-5%.
- All kills earned by each Hero during this event will be counted, not just kills against enemy Kiras or Countesses.
- This event is community-wide, meaning we'll be tracking all kills from all players during the event duration.

Good luck!