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End of Year Update
End of Year Update

End of Year Update

Before we begin, we want to take a moment to share our appreciation for your continued support. While we didn't have many playtest opportunities, your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see continue to help us shape Predecessor into the game we're developing today.

Everyone at Omeda Studios is proud of the accomplishments we've achieved this year.  We are extremely grateful for EPIC Games' generosity by awarding us with an EPIC MegaGrant in early March. Following that, we were able to close our first round of funding for $2.2m which enabled us to create even more content.

Since then, we've added a wealth of industry talent to the team from some of the biggest studios in the world. We've also had Steve Superville, former Creative Director at EPIC Games, join Omeda Studios as an advisor.

If you would like to read more about our previously announced accomplishments, check out our earlier blog entries. We're eager to show you what we've been up to. You're in for a treat with today's blog!

New UI, Social Features, Parties and Group Matchmaking:
Before diving into matchmaking, a lot of us look around and try to match with friends first, right? With our newly updated UI and social list, you can find out who's away, in a match or ready to go at a glance!


Updated Map Visuals:
While the beauty of Predecessor is in the fight, securing kills or setting up plays for your team, the beauty is also in the fidelity of our game. Let's take a look at what's new by clicking the image below!

Menu Music & Announcer Samples:
You know that feeling of opening your favorite video game and having the main menu music kick in before you start playing? If you haven't heard our main menu track, here it is in all its glory:

Main Menu Theme

Following the music created by our sound designer, we also have our in-house announcer on the team as well. Will you be on the receiving or dealing end of "First Blood"?

First Blood

Claim Your Reward




An Enemy is Unreal

Enemy Core Under Attack

Item Overhauls & Kit Improvements:
We couldn't give you a blog without our game designer chiming in briefly on what he's been doing. Check out what he's been cooking up for you through a couple heroes and items.

sbimp-smol-kallari.jpg sbimp-smol-feng.jpg sbimp-smol-underlord.jpg sbimp-smol-rage.jpg sbimp-smol-parasquare.jpg sbimp-smol-kraken.jpg

Death Cam & Rejoin Feature:
Sometimes our plays are a bit more on the tactical side of things and we die. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy another players perspective while sitting on the sidelines.

As for our rejoin feature, every now and again our internet connection suffers from a brief hiccup, but that won't keep you from being able to jump back into your current game.

Updated Towers with Hit Reactions:
You shouldn't have to ask yourself if you're hitting a tower when you should be watching your back. Animation and sounds are crucial in MOBA style gameplay, so this is just one example of how we plan to make it better to strategize.

We're very excited to start the new year with you all and we look forward to sharing more information as we continue development. We hope you enjoyed today's blog post, if you did, share your thoughts with us on Twitter and join the discussion in our community Discord server. Here's to an awesome year for Predecessor!

Happy holidays,
Omeda Studios