Road to Ascension | Season 2 Early Access Roadmap
Road to Ascension | Season 2 Early Access Roadmap

Road to Ascension | Season 2 Early Access Roadmap

Are you ready to ascend to new heights? 

With Season 1 now over we’re thrilled to share our vision and plans for Season 2 of Early Access, starting with a first look at this season’s roadmap!

We know you've all waited eagerly for this and we reckon it’ll be well worth the excitement. Your unwavering support and invaluable feedback throughout Season 1 has been instrumental in shaping our vision for Predecessor - put simply we wouldn’t be where we are without you!

Click the video below for everything you need to know about Season 2, or continue reading to learn more.

Brace yourself for the next leg of this incredible journey, as we pave the road to Ascension!

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Continuing the trend from Season 1, we’ll be releasing new Heroes every month throughout Season 2, starting with the community-voted Hero who made her Predecessor debut yesterday, Phase! 


That's not all though, at the end of Season 2 we'll be introducing our next Omeda original Hero. This mighty Hero has an unbridled hunger for divine ascension that could lead them to unparalleled heights of glory and power, or leave them in ruin trying.



During Season 1 we increased the cadence of our balance updates to every two weeks, a pace that we intend to continue throughout Season 2. 

As we’ve discussed previously, one of our main Season 2 balance goals is increasing the Time To Kill. We want to allow more opportunities to showcase your skills when it counts, during team fights in the mid-to-late game. Our next core update, V.0.6.X (the final version number may change due to hotfixes), will continue this work. As always we welcome your feedback to ensure that our vision, these changes, and ultimately the community experience, all align.



Like Season 1, players will receive rewards based on their final player level at the end of Season 2. 

It’s important to note that at the start of Season 2 we reset everyone's player level to 1. We’d previously said that this would be the final reset to player levels however we’ve made the decision to include one (hopefully final) reset at the end of Season 2. We have long term goals for the way that player levels are handled and used in game which we were unfortunately not able to set out at this stage in Early Access, which is what’s led to this decision. 


◆ Level 10: Exclusive EA Season 2 Profile Icon
◆ Level 15: Exclusive Omeda Hero Profile Icon
◆ Level 20: Ascension Hero Recolour
◆ Level 25: Jump Pad VFX
◆ Level 30: Ascension Hero Recolour
◆ Level 35:  Recall VFX

Rewards from Level 20 upwards are timed-exclusive. This means that they will be exclusive at the time of acquisition but may be added to the store in the future.



On top of the rewards and the new Heroes, we’re also excited to discuss our Season 2 feature list with you! While we can't guarantee that every item on this list will be delivered, these items represent our current goals and aspirations. As always we welcome feedback from the community and will adjust this feature list accordingly. It should also be noted that the items on this list are not presented in any particular order.

Competitive Nights

Competitive Nights are here! At its heart Predecessor is a highly competitive game which encourages players to constantly hone and polish their skills. This time-limited game mode is available every Thursday and is a great chance for top players to battle it out as they climb the leaderboards. 

This feature was released in V.0.6. For more information visit the patch notes.

Replay System (Beta) 

The first version of the Replay system also launched with V.0.6. This feature will allow you to watch back your previous matches, analyse your gameplay and share those killer moments (or perhaps your biggest flubs) for the world to see. You can also watch games live, a feature that we can’t wait to see used in community-ran events and tournaments. As with everything in Early Access we're still working out some of the kinks, but we're confident that this feature will be a game-changer for our community.

This feature was released in V.0.6. For more information visit the patch notes.

Public API 

We truly believe that community-driven projects are at the heart of Predecessor’s success. The first implementation of our Public API is paramount to this, allowing for the development of community tools, resources and applications that can enrich the Predecessor experience. We’ll of course be expanding on this initial implementation over time and we cannot wait to see the creative and powerful resources that the community can now make!

This feature was released in V.0.6. For more information on how to use the API, check out our dedicated blog here,

Tutorial (Initial Implementation, V.1)

Originally planned for Season 1, the first implementation of our tutorial will now be dropping in season 2. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of the game, introducing mechanics, objectives, strategy and more. Predecessor, like any MOBA, can of course be challenging for newcomers, so it’s our goal to help all players to build their confidence and prepare them for their first steps onto the battlefield.

Revamped Loading Screen

We're giving the Pre-Match Loading Screen a makeover! The goal here is to give a better overview of who else is in your match, let you show off your favourite cosmetics and support any future content we add into the game like player progression. 

Dynamic Ping System Improvements

We're making some much-needed improvements to the dynamic Ping System, accessed currently via the middle mouse button/right thumbstick button. We’ll be adding an extensive ping wheel which will support more options to help you better communicate your instructions, responses and intentions to your team faster than ever before.  

Ranked Mode (Solo / Duo)

For competitive players who want to test their skills in a more serious setting, we're working on a competitive ranked game mode for Season 2. You’ll be able to queue up solo or with a friend, climbing the ranked ladder throughout the season to prove yourself against other top players. You’ll be rewarded for playing well and encouraged to play fair. Will you dominate the Season?

To start with this new game mode will have limited availability each week which will increase over time as demand for the mode and the size of our playerbase grows. 

Hero Acquisition

We’ve reached the end of the initial 25 Heroes that were promised in the Early Access bundles. Going forward there will be new ways to acquire Heroes, both for free and using our in-game currency, Platinum. This is an important system that we want to get right, so please sit tight for now as we finalise the details - we’ll share more news as soon as we’re able to. 

New Cosmetics

First (and last) impressions count - especially on the battlefield, so we’re looking at new and exciting ways that we can expand our cosmetic offerings. You can expect new types of customisations such as Jump Pad trails, new Recalls and more, that’ll really let you leave your mark in fights. We plan to roll these out during Season 2 alongside new Hero emotes, skins and new profile icons.   

New & Improved UI

As we might have mentioned before, we’re currently in the middle of completely revamping our user interface. We’re aiming for a much more streamlined and immersive experience that is both accessible and functional, and we’re very excited about how it’s coming along.


The new UI rollout will start with the out-of-game experience such as menus, before gradually being brought into the in-game elements as well. Across everything our goal is to make the UI intuitive and consistent for all players across all platforms, including both PC and console; meaning the leg work we’re doing now will benefit everyone for a long time to come. It won’t just be cosmetic either - we're also adding new features and functionality to enhance your gameplay experience. Keep an eye out later this season for more!

Scoreboard Rework

We're reworking the scoreboard to provide players with much more detailed information about their in-game performance, as well as the performance of other players. The new version will include information that you can’t currently see such as Hero Bounties, and it’ll be laid out and organised much more clearly to make it quicker and easier to grab information in a hurry. 

Improvements To Ability Descriptions

We're planning to improve ability descriptions across the board, such as how they look and how easy they are to understand during gameplay. As with the scoreboard changes mentioned above, the goal here is to make it quicker and easier to find the information you need in a hurry. 

Bans and Swaps in Draft

With Ranked Mode on its way we’re also looking to introduce bans and swaps during the Draft phase to provide players with more control over the drafting process. These features will only be available in certain game modes and will enable players to more deeply strategize before the match even starts, potentially countering the enemy team's composition.

Controller Support v2

We're introducing a new and improved version of the controller input scheme to provide players with a more intuitive and responsive experience. These changes should come with more flexibility regarding control schemes and allow us to do more in the future.  

Store Improvements

This one’s pretty straightforward - we'll be improving the in-game store with new features and support for different types of content.

More Skins and Profile Icons

The latest drip is coming to Predecessor as we add more skins and profile icons to let you truly stand out on the battlefield. Please never make us write the word drip again.

Gameplay Tweaks & Features

Throughout the Season we'll be introducing various tweaks and features to improve the overall gameplay experience. These will include new gameplay features, adjustments or refinements to existing features, bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and much more. As always these changes will be shaped by your feedback - so make sure you’re a part of our Discord or Reddit communities which are the best places to share your thoughts!



We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the day that Predecessor arrives on consoles. The good news is that progress is going well! The team is making great headway and we’re excited to share further news later this Season. For now though, please know that a number of the changes that are being made during Season 2 are done so with console in mind to ensure the best possible launch later in the year. We can’t wait to share more when the time is right!



Predecessor Early Access will continue into Season 3 as we continue adding new features, Heroes and more. Beyond that? Well you’ll just have to wait and see!



◆ The company reserves the right to change the content of rewards offered to players.
◆ The company reserves the right to not distribute rewards to players if there is any suspected activity that undermines the integrity of the game.
◆ These terms and conditions are subject to change to ensure that the game remains fair and fun for all players.

By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing our game!


We'd like to wrap up by once again thanking you all for your patience, support and endless enthusiasm. Together let's continue to push Predecessor to new heights and achieve ascension!

─ alex, Lead Game Designer & Kari, Senior Community Manager