Predecessor Patch V.0.4.3


Patch releasing March 7th, 2023.

The time has finally come!

We have the first larger scale item rework hitting your games this coming Tuesday! This patch seeks to shake up the meta with big shifts to stat lines and effects from ADC itemisation. Alongside that we’ve changed a smaller bunch of Assassin and Fighter items to better fit with the build paths and opportunities ADC players can seek out.

We’re introducing three potential core paths for ADC players to explore. Critical Strike, On-Hit and Penetration. Many items have been adjusted so that the current ADC roster can feel a bit more unique based on the way they modify their hero through these item changes. Gone are the days of only Critical Strike itemisation!

Assassins and Fighters have also seen some new shifts to their own items, allowing more potential build diversity and opening up options for more heroes such as Crunch or Kallari. We’re also looking to fix up some major balance concerns with Raiment and Megacosm. Lastly with items, is a new Support Crest option called Reclamation, allowing Support to help cleanse their allies of negative effects.

Another significant change in this patch is pre-cleansing getting a small nerf. This means that players who look to cleanse knockups and other debuffs before they hit, need to tighten their timing to achieve the same result. We still want Pre-Cleansing to exist as a skill, but it needs to carry sufficient risk for how potent the result can be.

Finally we’re touching up on ranged basic attacks to further help improve the feel and weight for ADCs and Mages.

That’s all for this balance pass, we hope you find great enjoyment in exploring all the possible combinations of new items in this large overhaul! See you next time in 0.5… when the Hunt begins!

- Bloodmordius, Senior Game Designer

As mentioned already, we still want pre-cleansing to remain as a skill to master and to help counter displacement based CC. Currently however it’s a bit too reliable and easy to access, so we’re bumping down the CC immunity from all cleanses.

We’re also increasing projectile speed for Ranged Basic attacks to help improve the feel, but are decreasing the radius alongside it to prevent buffing the hit percentages.

◆ CC Immunity decreased from 0.5s to 0.25s.
◆ Ranged Basic Attack Projectile Speed increased from 18,000 to 23,500.
◆ Ranged Basic Attack Projectile Radius decreased from 35 to 32.


With build paths opening up we also want to open up some pathways for Drongo players, specifically for the possibility of penetration based builds that rely on high burst and poke over the standard crit/DPS paths. With this in mind we’re removing the second part of Drongo’s passive ability and increasing his base damage and scalings to compensate. We’re also adding some damage to his Gag Grenade ability to increase its use cases and allow us to better distribute his damage across his kit.

Wastelander [Passive]:
◆ No longer increases Ability Damage based on Critical Strike Chance.

Gag Grenade [Q]:
◆ Now deals 40/60/80/100/120 (+30% Bonus Physical Power) physical damage on impact.
◆ Now applies Wastelander’s DoT to all targets within every 0.5s.

Old Rusty [RMB]:
◆ Base Damage increased from 45/65/85/105/125 to 50/70/90/110/130.
◆ Scaling increased from 40% to 50%.
◆ Cooldown changed from 8 to 9/8.5/8/7.5/7.

Rad Rounds [E]:
◆ Initial Shot Damage increased from 30/50/70/90/110 to 40/60/80/100/120.

Shrapnel Cannon [R]:
◆ Base Damage increased from 175/275/375 to 175/300/425
◆ Scaling increased from 60% to 80%.


Gadget has felt a little too durable and safe amongst the current mid lane roster, so we’re bumping down some of her base durability and her Passive shield ability. We’re also decreasing her Passive’s damage to prevent her being overly effective against melee Heroes in the early game.

◆ Base Health decreased from 600 to 580.

Shock Absorber [Passive]:
◆ Shield Max Mana Scaling decreased from 12% to 10%
◆ Base Damage decreased from 80 to 50


Gideon is still getting away with tankier builds due to the high base damage on his ultimate. allowing him to dive in and out DPS any target, even in single target scenarios. We’re still allowing him to access this kind of damage, but only through scaling. This will reward his damage output through less durable builds.

Black Hole [R]:
◆ Base Damage decreased from 540/810/1080 to 450/675/900.
◆ Scaling increased from 240% to 261%.


Muriel's Consecrated Ground ability was scaling in a non-linear fashion. Alongside other buffs to her itemisation options, we feel comfortable fixing this and bringing the shield down again.

Consecrated Ground [E]:
◆ [Bug Fix] Base Shield decreased from 110/165/220/285/350 to 110/165/220/275/330.


Revenant can currently reload immediately after every shot except the last, so we’re cleaning that up to reward players who time their RMB correctly after the final shot.

Hellfire Rounds [RMB]:
◆ Reload can now be initiated if RMB is used immediately after the 4th shot, instead of there being a short lock out.


Shinbi had a couple issues with her Circle Rhythm. We’re fixing those up and decreasing her Mana economy to prevent her staying in lane for extended periods.

◆ Mana Regeneration Growth decreased from 0.25 to 0.18.

Circle Rhythm [E]:
◆ [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Circle Rhythm was applying damage over 6 ticks instead of 4, causing her Ultimate to stack faster.
◆ [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Circle Rhythm was going on cooldown at the start of the cast instead of the end.


Sparrow is getting a little love to her poke-oriented gameplay for penetration builds by shifting her Piercing Shot arrow damage away from the multiplier and into its raw damage. She is also losing a bit of movement speed when she pops that Ultimate to decrease her run down potential and increase her vulnerability now that she has more durable build options.

Piercing Shot [RMB]:
◆ Piercing Shot Base Damage increased from 90/125/160/195/230 to 90/135/180/225/270.
◆ Piercing Shot Scaling increased from 100% to 130%.
◆ Piercing Shot Passive Multiplier decreased from 10% per stack to 5% per stack.

Inner Fire [R]:
◆ Inner Fire Movement Speed Buff decreased from 5/7.5/10% to 3%.



With upcoming changes to the Marksman Crest Line, Brutallax has been an appealing option for ADCs relative to Liberator, so we’re adjusting its stats and decreasing its overall potency to prevent abuse.

◆ Physical Power increased from 20 to 25.
◆ Lifesteal decreased from 8% to 5%.
◆ Purifying Rage Active Attack Speed decreased from 30% to 20%.


We’ve given Eviscerator a pinch of lifesteal as compensation for the removed critical strike chance and to better match the sustain of other options.

◆ Added 5% Lifesteal.
◆ Critical Strike Chance Removed.
◆ Rending Strikes initial Scaling increased from 15% to 18%.
◆ Rending Strikes Additional Scaling per shot decreased from 5% to 3%.

Iceskorn Talons:

Iceskorn was providing too much value in later stages of the game and was granting a lot of unintended damage to mages in particular. We’re shifting it to Physical Power to better scale with natural Hero Scalings and avoid negative interactions with burst mages.

◆ Glacial Colosseum Active now grants 15% increased Physical Power instead of 15% increased damage.


Liberator is also receiving some compensation, with a little extra power and a bump to its Lifesteal to help it maintain its identity as the sustain based crest after the loss of critical strike chance.

◆ Physical Power increased from 10 to 15.
◆ Lifesteal increased from 5% to 8%.
◆ Critical Strike Chance Removed.


Ortus has sadly been very underutilized. So, as we open up options for ADC, we’re shifting this crest into a new, scaling, multi-kill based crest for both ADCs and Assassins to dip into.

Limit Breaker Active Reworked to:
◆ Active - Limit Breaker: Upon activation, gain 20% movement speed and 10% increased physical power for 6s. Takedowns within the duration permanently grant 3 physical power and refresh the duration - 90s CD.


We’re compensating Pacifier with a small physical power bump to bring it on par with other crests after removing the critical strike chance.

◆ Physical Power increased from 15 to 20.
◆ Critical Strike Chance Removed.

[Reworked from Malediction]

Not only is it working again, but now it’s working… with added Haste! We’re making these options a little more appealing for heroes like Muriel who need Haste fast!

◆ Physical Armor decreased from 20 to 12.
◆ Added 10 Ability Haste.

New Purify Active:
◆ Active - Purify: Cleanse and Heal yourself and nearby Allied Heroes for 150 health over 3s - 150s CD.


Like Reclamation, losing 20 Haste by not going for Tranquility was just too detrimental to most support Heroes. So we’re shifting some power into a little Haste here too!

◆ Magical Armor decreased from 18 to 10.
◆ Added 10 Ability Haste.


Spell Slasher:

Spell Slasher has been a bit of an underwhelming purchase for its cost, so we’re giving it some Haste to make it a lil’ more appealing as an early purchase.

◆ Added 10 Ability Haste.
◆ Spellblade Total Physical Power Scaling decreased from 40% to 35%.



Claymore only had one item to transition its effect into, so we’re opting to shift it into a new item as we require new T2 components for the new ADC itemisation. This new crit spike will help curve out larger crit chance items and create stronger mid-late game spikes.

◆ 1600g Cost.
◆ 25 Physical Power.
◆ 15% Critical Strike Chance.
◆ Builds from Shortsword+Crossbow+Shortsword.

Heroic Guard:

The Bravery passive on Heroic Guard was very conditional and often non-functional, so we’re adding some tenacity instead and decreasing the cost.

◆ Cost decreased from 1400g to 1300g.
◆ Added 15% Tenacity.
◆ Removed Bravery Passive.

Ironwood Warbow:

We’re shifting Ironwood to a physical damage profile to decrease its early-game and mid-game strength whilst consolidating ADC damage close to physical damage. We’ll be leaving magical damage for other T3 options as it’s a fairly powerful mechanic to split damage types. The damage has also been decreased a little bit to stop the spike being as potent early.

Zap Passive Reworked to:
◆ Zap: Every fourth successful basic attack deals 20 (+30% Bonus Physical Power) bonus physical damage.

Rapid Rapier:
[Reworked from Ravenous Rapier]

Ravenous was another culprit being built into one item only and was very potent as a T2 buy. Instead we’re introducing a new reworked form to help Assassins and ADCs curve basic attack oriented builds involving pen.

◆ 1400g Cost.
◆ 20 Physical Power.
◆ 15 Attack Speed.
◆ 5 Physical Penetration.
◆ Built from Sabre+Longbow.

Robust Arbalest:

Robust Arbalest is losing its passive due to the unnatural spike it provides to ADC movement when they are acquiring the T3 variants. Alongside this we’re shifting strength into its Attack Speed so it doesn’t become too strong of a T2 to stack alongside T3 Crit items.

◆ Attack Speed increased from 15% to 20%.
◆ Critical Strike Chance decreased from 20% to 15%.
◆ Swift Passive Removed.

Rune Bow:

Rune Bow is not only a bit too efficient but it causes build path issues for T3s, so we’re making it a bit cheaper but less efficient.

◆ Cost decreased from 1000g to 800g.
◆ Attack Speed decreased from 30% to 25%.

Soul Chalice:

Soul Chalice is being moved to an assassin item profile that now builds into Mindrazor. As such we’re adjusting its stats to complement assassins over ADCs.

◆ Physical Power decreased from 15 to 10.
◆ Added 10 Ability Haste.

Critical Font Reworked to:
◆ Potent Font: Killing an Enemy Minion grants 5 bonus Mana, up to a maximum of 400. At maximum stacks, gain 2.5% of your maximum Mana as additional physical power.



The unreliable cleanse made Absolution a hard choice. A combination of tenacity and a new damage mitigation effect should have more success at preventing burst scenarios when an ADC gets locked down.

◆ 3200g Cost.
◆ 40 Physical Power.
◆ 25% Attack Speed.
◆ 20 Magical Armor.
◆ 30% Tenacity.
◆ Bravery: Gain 25% Damage Mitigation & 40% Movement Speed for 3s when affected by a hard Crowd Control Effect - 60s CD.
◆ Determined: Gain 1% attack speed for every 3% missing health, for a maximum of 20% attack speed.
◆ Built from Heroic Guard+Rune Bow.


Ashbringer is now coming to on-hit ADCs! We’re rebalancing it around a ramping effect over critical strike chance so it can be picked up earlier, but has a new condition to play for when an ADC wants to access those low cooldowns.

◆ 3400g Cost.
◆ 45 Physical Power.
◆ 20 Attack Speed.
◆ 15 Ability Haste.
◆ Accelerate: Basic Attacks against Enemy Heroes decrease your current basic ability cooldowns by 0.15s (+0.15s per stack of Clockwork) and grant a stack of Clockwork for 3s, stacking up to 4 times.
◆ Chrono Strikes: Basic attacks deal 15 (+5 per stack of Clockwork) bonus physical damage on-hit.
◆ Built from: Temporal Ripper+Sabre+Composite Bow.


Augmentation returns to its original spellblade form! This will make it more of a bruiser item and less about on-hits that ADCs can abuse. Say hello Crunch!

◆ Cost decreased from 3300 to 3200.
◆ Physical Power increased from 20 to 40.
◆ Attack Speed removed.
◆ Added 20 Ability Haste.
◆ Recipe Changed from Sabre+Composite Bow+Banded Emerald to Greatsword+Spell Slasher+Violet Brooch.

True Strikes Passive Reworked:
◆ True Strike: After using an ability, your next basic attack within 6s deals (+60% Total Physical Power) bonus true damage - 1.5s CD.


By losing Claymore, Bonesaw now has additional Lifesteal to compliment its sustained fighting & basic attack-oriented gameplay.

◆ Cost increased from 2800 to 3000.
◆ Health increased from 400 to 600.
◆ Added 6% Lifesteal.
◆ Flurry Passive Attack Speed decreased from 8% per stack to 6% per stack.
◆ Build Path Changed from: Claymore+Banded Emerald to Banded Emerald+Crimson Edge+Banded Emerald.


Breach is losing its anti-shield identity and becoming a dedicated anti-armor item. This item is built to counter high physical armor values specifically rather than catching bruisers with their high health pools. We will be balancing current shielding effects around the idea of anti-shield not existing. So we may see heroes like Muriel getting smaller nerfs leading into 0.5.

Anti Shield items may return in future, but for now they are a bit too niche and end up baiting players into a purchase that ends up with little impact per game.

◆ 2900g Cost.
◆ 35 Physical Power.
◆ 15 Attack Speed.
◆ 8 Physical Penetration.
◆ Splinter: Basic Attacks deal 35% of the targets bonus physical armor as bonus physical damage on-hit.
◆ Sylvian Steel: Successful Basic Attacks against Enemy Heroes grant 2 physical penetration for 2s, stacking up to 5 times.
◆ Puncture: Gain 25% Physical Penetration.
◆ Built from: Rapid Rapier+Zealous Tomahawk.


Demolisher is joining Breach as a softer counter to high armor while complementing burst and critical strike chance builds. This can also be built alongside Breach to tackle multiple targets building high physical armor.

◆ Cost decreased from 3300 to 2900.
◆ Physical Power decreased from 50 to 45.
◆ Critical Strike Chance increased from 20% to 25%.
◆ Removed Desolate Passive.
◆ First Strike Passive Reworked:
◆ Decisive Strike: Your next critical strike deals 30% additional physical damage - 12s CD.
◆ Bore: Gain 25% Physical Penetration.

Demon Edge:

Demon Edge is now becoming the dedicated sustain item for Assassins! Alongside this are some power shifts and a decrease to its passive strength.

◆ Cost increased from 2900 to 3300.
◆ Physical Power increased from 40 to 50.
◆ Added 5% Omnivamp.
◆ Ceaseless Passive Omnivamp decreased from 10% to 5%.
◆ Demonic Additional Physical Power decreased from 10% to 8%.
◆ Desolate Passive Removed.
◆ Build Path changed from Zealous Tomahawk+Shortsword+Shortsword to Bloodlust+Greatsword.


Dreambinder has become a little too potent so we’re decreasing the slow effectiveness over a duration due to the player requiring to accelerate after the slow has expired.

◆ Chilling Spell Slow Duration decreased from 1.5s to 1s.

Dust Devil:

Dust Devil is remaining largely the same but we’re opening up the possibility for non-crit ADCs to acquire the item as it’s very appealing alongside our new on-hit items which do not feature critical strike chance.

◆ Cost decreased from 3300 to 3200.
◆ Attack Speed increased from 20 to 25.
◆ Critical Strike Chance increased from 20% to 25%.
◆ Movement Speed Removed.

Menace Passive Reworked:
◆ Menace: Successful Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes grant 2% attack speed for 5s, stacking up to 8 times. At maximum stacks, gain 25 physical power and 15% movement speed. Critical Strikes grant 2x stacks.


Imperator is sticking around as our big raw damage spike for critical strikes. Its power is now increased on initial purchase to help enable some powerful critical strike items on the 2nd or 3rd spike. It will scale a little worse though, just so that it isn’t a must-buy for critical strike users.

◆ Cost decreased from 3600g to 3400g.
◆ Physical Power increased from 55 to 60.
◆ Critical Strike Chance increased from 20% to 25%.
◆ Perfection Passive Removed.
◆ Build Path changed from Greatsword+Sabre+Crossbow to Claymore+Greatsword.


Infernum has been reworked to become more of a burst option for Assassins that also doubles as a sustained damage option for ranged heroes that can apply Kindling repeatedly to individual targets.

◆ Reclassified as an Assassin Item.
◆ 3100g Cost.
◆ 45 Physical Power.
◆ 200 Mana.
◆ 20 Ability Haste.
◆ Cinder: Abilities and Basic Attacks apply stacks of Kindling to Enemy Targets for 5s. At 4 stacks, the Kindling ignites dealing (+120% Total Physical Power) Physical Damage over 2s.


We’re looking to preserve Kingsbane as a sustain-oriented item, while catering it more towards on-hits. With that we are granting it omnivamp to complement healing from your on-hit damage and granting it some additional on-hit effects to help compound its strength with other on-hit items like Stormbreaker.

◆ 3300g Cost.
◆ 55 Physical Power.
◆ 20 Attack Speed.
◆ 5% Omnivamp.
◆ Chaos: Basic Attacks deal 15 (+15% Bonus Physical Power) additional magical damage on-hit.
◆ Order: Successful Basic Attacks restore 15 (+15% Bonus Physical Power) health on-hit.
◆ Builds from: Composite Bow+Bloodlust+Sabre.


Legacy has also been reworked a bit to become more of a dedicated anti-CC option for Bruisers to let loose when locked down and receiving high burst damage.

◆ Cost increased from 3000 to 3200.
◆ Physical Power decreased from 40 to 35.
◆ Added 30 Tenacity.

Tenacious Bravery Reworked to:
◆ Tenacious Bravery: Dropping below 30% max health cleanses you and grants CC immunity for 5s - 90s CD.

Lightning Hawk:

Lightning Hawk is remaining as a utility option for ADCs to kite and chase down targets. That said, we’re focusing it more on physical power to retain its easy pick up, first-buy identity.

◆ Cost increased from 3,000g to 3,200g.
◆ Physical Power increased from 35 to 50.
◆ Attack Speed decreased from 25 to 20.
◆ Critical Strike Chance increased from 20% to 25%.
◆ Movement Speed Removed.
◆ Build path changed from Ironwood Warbow+Robust Arbalest to Ironwood Warbow+Claymore.

Chilling Zap Passive Reworked to:
◆ Chilling Zap: Every fourth successful basic attack deals (+100% Total Physical Power) bonus physical damage and Slows the Target by 30% for 0.75s.


Megacosm has had many negative interactions with overlapping DoT abilities and high ability Haste builds. We’re now controlling the additional application effect through a separate Passive that’ll still compliment the burst side of the anti-HP item, without leaving sustained damage dealers behind.

◆ Disintegrate Passive Burn Magnitude decreased from 5% to 4%.
◆ Disintegrate Passive additional application mechanic removed.

New Passive:
◆ Atomize: Damaging an Enemy Hero affected by Disintegrate with an Ability deals an additional 5% of their maximum health as magical damage - 8s CD.


With Soul Chalice being a part of Mindrazor, it will now more naturally scale into the late game instead of being an item that you can only buy early to snowball with.

◆ Cost decreased from 3,200 to 3,000.
◆ Arcane Strength Passive removed.
◆ Added Potent Font Passive from Soul Chalice.
◆ Recipe Changed from Barbaric Cleaver+Temporal Ripper+Spirit Beads to Barbaric Cleaver+Soul Chalice.


With Haste being added to Spell Slasher, we are altering the build path of Oathkeeper to prevent losing Haste on completion.

◆ Build path changed from Chronomatic Wand+Spell Slasher+Violet Brooch to Scepter+Spell Slasher+Violet Brooch.


A new option for Assassins to pick up! This should complement burst play patterns where Assassins dump their kits before escaping with high movement speed or chasing down and finishing off their target.

◆ Physical Penetration decreased from 12 to 10.
◆ Spell Slasher Removed from Build Path.

New Passive:
◆ Splice: Casting an ability will grant you 4 physical penetration and 4% movement speed for 4s, stacking up to 4 times.

Raiment of Renewal:

Raiment has become too strong for an early buy recently, so we’re decreasing its overall potency and stretching out that healing time so tanks don’t feel too unkillable when ahead.

◆ Base Health Regeneration decreased from 150% to 125%.
◆ Regenerator Passive Healing from Damage Taken decreased from 15% to 12%.
◆ Regenerator Duration increased from 5s to 6s.


With Soul Chalice moving to Mindrazor, we’re turning Resolution into a new bridge for penetration and attack speed for ADCs and Assassins that look to build for their basic attacks.

◆ 3000g Cost.
◆ 45 Physical Power.
◆ 20 Attack Speed.
◆ 8 Physical Penetration.
◆ 200 Mana.
◆ Darksteel: Basic Attacks deal (+6% maximum mana) bonus physical damage on-hit over 5s. Additional applications refresh the duration.
◆ Midnight: Basic Attacks restore 3% missing mana on-hit.
◆ Builds From: Rapid Rapier+Spirit Beads+Honed Kris.

Sky Splitter:

Sky Splitter has lost its sustain and critical strike chance, moving it to a dedicated anti-HP item for basic attack oriented heroes! This should now feel much more specialized due to its lack of versatility and lack of sustain.

◆ Cost decreased from 3200 to 2800.
◆ Physical Power increased from 25 to 30.
◆ Attack Speed increased from 25% to 30%.
◆ Critical Strike Chance Removed.
◆ Lifesteal Removed.
◆ Rend Passive Damage decreased from 5% of the target's current health to 3% of the target’s current health.
◆ Rend Passive Healing Removed.
◆ Recipe Changed from Ravenous Rapier+Composite Bow+Crossbow to Ironwood Warbow+Composite Bow.

New Carve Passive:
◆ Carve: Every fourth successful basic attack against the same Target within 6s deals 5% of their maximum health as bonus physical damage.


Stormbreaker is getting beefed up as a new pseudo-capstone for on-hit oriented builds that seek to AOE in teamfight scenarios. The new passive will scale harshly with other on-hit items making it naturally scale for those seeking to all-in the on-hit path.

◆ Cost decreased from 3000g to 2800g
◆ Physical Power increased from 25 to 30.
◆ Critical Strike Chance Removed.
◆ Movement Speed Removed.
◆ Build Path Changed from Ironwood Warbow+Robust Arbalest to Ironwood Warbow+Rune Bow.

Chain Zap Passive Reworked to:
◆ Chain Zap: Every fourth successful basic attack releases a bolt of lightning which leaps between 7 Targets, dealing 60 (+50% Bonus Physical Power) magical damage and applying on-hit effects to each.

Tainted Rounds:

Tainted Rounds remains the dedicated blight item for ADCs, but we’re granting it a bit of critical strike scaling so that it’s more open to this build path rather than being too potent for on-hit ADCs relatively.

◆ Cost decreased from 3250 to 3000.
◆ Physical Power increased from 25 to 30.
◆ Attack Speed decreased from 35 to 30%.
◆ Critical Strike Chance increased from 20% to 25%.

Wicked Strikes Passive Adjusted:
◆ Wicked Strikes: Basic attacks deal (+12% Total Physical Power)(+30% Critical Strike Chance) magical damage on-hit, increasing by up to 100% based on the Target's missing health.


Terminus has adopted part of the old Kingsbane to help distribute its power making it a dedicated sustain option for crit based builds.

◆ Cost increased from 3,200 to 3,300.
◆ Critical Strike Chance increased from 20% to 25%.
◆ Anon Shield Total Physical Power Scaling increased from 80% to 100%.
◆ Build Path changed from Crimson Edge+Crimson Edge+Crossbow to Claymore+Crimson Edge.

New Passive:
◆ Endless: Takedowns grant Anon’s Shield instantly.

The Perforator:

After losing its physical penetration, The Perforator has now become a dedicated Haste item for Assassins that look to take down high health targets.

◆ 3300g Cost.
◆ 55 Physical Power.
◆ 25 Ability Haste.
◆ Calamity: Abilities deal 0% − 40% (based on 0-1600 maximum health difference) bonus physical damage against Enemy Heroes with greater maximum health than you.


It was difficult to see Timewarp’s visual value, as it felt overall a little lackluster. We’re increasing the CDD reduction to lead to more consistent value that players can more easily read.

◆ Chime Passive now triggers every 8s instead of 5s.
◆ Chime Passive CD Reduction increased from 0.5s to 1s.
◆ [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where the description of the Chime Passive did not state that it only reduces basic ability cooldowns.

Unbroken Will:

Unbroken Will was a bit too good as an early pick up, as well as a tech option for squishy Heroes. We’re shifting this strength into armor scalings so that Tanks still get a large benefit from it relative to squishier heroes.

◆ Undying Passive now grants +30% increased Total Physical Armor and Magical Armor for 2s when immobilized instead of 20% damage mitigation.


Vanquisher will be receiving some further adjustments in a future patch, but otherwise seeks to become another bridge for critical strike and penetration builds for ADCs and Assassins.

◆ Cost increased from 3,100g to 3,200g.
◆ Physical Power increased from 45 to 50.
◆ Physical Penetration increased from 10 to 12.
◆ Added 25% Critical Strike Chance.
◆ Mana Removed.
◆ Arcane Power Passive Removed.
◆ Annihilate Passive Execute increased from 5% to 7%.
◆ Recipe Changed from Honed Kris+Spirit Beads+Honed Kris to Claymore+Honed Kris.


Like the Vanquisher, Viper will also be getting a few more adjustments next patch with some attack speed trickled in. For now though we’re increasing the critical strike chance for now to match the current convention.

◆ Physical Power decreased from 50 to 40.
◆ Critical Strike Chance increased from 20% to 25%.
◆ Ability Haste decreased from 20 to 10.
◆ Added 20% Attack Speed.
◆ Build Path changed from Sabre+Ruthless Broadsword+Crossbow to Ruthless Broadsword+Robust Arbalest.

◆ Fixed a bug where Warden’s Faith Retribution passive was occuring on Minion basic attacks.
◆ Fixed a bug where Unbroken Will’s Undying Passive was not occurring on Suppressions.
◆ Fixed a bug where Corrode effects were not occuring from Item Damage.
◆ Fixed a bug where Murdock’s passive was granting armor penetration to all of his physical damage, rather than just his enhanced basic attack.
◆ Fixed a bug where Platinum bought from the Epic Games Store was displayed incorrectly in game.
◆ Fixed a bug which was causing mutilator to proc multiple times on Shinbi's circle rhythm and All-Kill!

That's all this week!

Let us know what you think of these changes over on Twitter, the official Subreddit or our Discord server!