Predecessor Hotfix v0.2.2


Hotfix 0.2.2 is now live!

Feng Mao has been re-enabled and the bug that caused his Safe Guard [Q] ability to get stuck has now been fixed. Additionally, this hotfix includes some small nerfs to Countess and other bug fixes.

Predecessor: Hotfix v0.2.2

▪️ Fixed a bug where Feng Mao's Safe Guard [Q] would get stuck
▪️ Fixed a bug where the "Waiting for Players" text would count to more than 10 players
We're aware of an issue however where the screen will linger on '10/10 players' for longer then intended in some cases.

Following player feedback, we've made some small adjustments to Countess' late game healing and one-shot potential. We agreed that these areas in particular were a little too potent, but as usual we will continue to monitor her performance going forward as well as your feedback to make more changes if necessary.
- importjg, Game Designer

Blade Siphon [RMB]:
▪️ Magical Power Healing Scaling has been reduced from 6% to 5%

Feast [R]:
▪️ Base Damage has been increased from 150/225/300 to 175/250/325
▪️ Magical Power % Health Damage Scaling has been reduced from 5% to 4%
▪️ Healing based on damage dealt from Countess's Ultimate has been reduced from 50% to 40%